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As many of you have seen on RCDB the only six flags park getting a new coaster is Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

I have only heard great things about this park but does anyone else think that maybe another park should be getting this thing.

PS. does anyone else realize that this is probably the first stage in making six flags a more family friendly park.

SFSTL is also getting the same coaster for 07 & aside from SFKK rumored to be getting some sort of water ride for HH they're the only SF parks that appear to be getting anything for the 2007 season.

You'd figure that,what with the low cost of these spinning coasters when compared to that of a B&M or even a decent sized woodie that SFI would have purchased more than just two of these rides for the 2007 season but I guess they chose not to.They could've purchased at least four or five of these for the price of one mid sized B&M.

Audioslaved said:

PS. does anyone else realize that this is probably the first stage in making six flags a more family friendly park.

No....SF has built many great family/kiddie coasters and rides in the last 5 years. A family friendly ride does not a family friendly park make!

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Yeah I didnt know that SFSTL was getting one also. Yeah i agree but I think a lot of them already has one or something like it. I think if the other parks are getting anything it is proably just going to be watever is left from Astroworld
^The old SFAW rides were moved last year when the park was demolished remeber?

SFSTL got their freefall tower,SFNE got their spinning rapids ride,SFOT got I believe four or five flats & three of SFAW's nine coasters were sent to various SF parks but so far have yet to be put up.The SLC ended up at TGE,B:TE ended up at SFDL & Ultra twister ended up at SFA.

Aside from the two new spinners for 07 SFNE is the only other park that recieved the same ride back in 05.

I really hope this whole "Family Park" plan of Six Flags' is what they expect but, many of us in the Chicago/Milwaukee area are none to pleased that SFGAM is in as bad a coaster drought as thay are. The last 4 coaster instilations at that park have been clones. Now I do love Deja Vu but, it only runs half the time. I know of at least 50 former season pass holders who didn't even attend the park this year and most of us have no intention of going next year. Six Flags used to have a superiority over other parks because they had better rides. That hasn't been the case in this area for a long time. I realize the park is landlocked but, when you grow up and your home park has new, innovative and record breaking coasters every couple of years, the sound of the bubble bursting is deafening when it does happen.
^Oh please, speak for yourself.

SFGAm is doing just fine. Who cares if recent installations are clones. Besides enthusiasts, the average park goer doesn't know nor care if some coasters can be found at other parks.

Record breaking coasters don't mean crap either. I can do without a Top Thrill Dragster or a Kingda Ka.

The new waterpark was the best investment SFGAm has made in a long time but I guess that is an oversight to you.

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^Welcome to our world RollerCoastin!!!! My home park is SFA. Be grateful for you do have a) kick-butt operations b) a beautiful park c) an insanely good Hurricane Harbor and d) lots of flats

If you're not going because you think you "deserve" a new record-breaking coaster ever few years then in the words of an ex-boss of mine (referring to a place of business that went under before that job) "Those days are over."

And it's the old Six Flags fault that you believe that you're owed this present every couple of years. As for the clone thing, no one cares except for enthusiasts. When the next closest S:UF is in either Georgia or New Jersey, it really doesn't matter. Remember, we're the minority, not the other way around.

Deja Vu ran for a day-and-a-half on our visit his summer (can't vouch for the second half of the day because we weren't there). It was V2 that went down for a little bit day one. I would agree that it's your best coaster.

You mentioned that the park is landlocked. Well, what is your solution? The plan to remove Whizzer obviously did not go over well the first time, as Shockwave bit the dust. American Eagle takes up a huge amount of land, but I found the ride to be fun, and it seems a lot of other people did too.

How about Iron Wolf? Here that sound? That's the sound of a few ACE people getting upset because it's the first B&M. They need to relax. Parts of it will look good in their museum, whenever that's finally built. Stand-ups used to be cool. And do you really need two log-flumes? How about Demon? It looks cool, isn't a bad ride, but it had no line.

note to BFSFA: remember, SFNE got the Sky Swatter as well from AW.

Don't expect them to change all at once, now. This is another "test the waters" year for the company (the two spinners with a new Tony Hawk theme, and that new stunt show). Plus, they can move slowly. They have their hands busy trying to make these parks profitable, and sell off the not-so-profitable ones.

With a guy like Shapiro in charge, I imagine the parks will go through a lot of smaller, less-marketable changes before the bigger things get addressed. Keep in mind they're still in some deep debt. Personally, I'm surprised they haven't pounced on more smaller coasters this year. Example: Steel Pier's Crazy Mouse is pretty cheap the last I looked at it, and would fit a park like Six Flags America nicely (as a family coaster the park needs), that sort of thing.

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LOL at Great America being in a coaster drought From 1990 to the present they've added NINE coasters! That's about a coaster every other year. And it's not like they don't already have one of the best coaster lineups of any park. Sheesh. Must be nice to be so spoiled. Even BATWING FAN SFA has it worse than you. ;) *** Edited 12/10/2006 5:19:27 AM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

How can you can complain about having Great America as your park with coasters like Superman, Deja Vu, Raging Bull, and batman. I would trade you for my six flags new orleans. At least your park wasnt underwater and has a chance of not being rebuilt
Wow you people are sensative. You all make good points too however, are these sites and forums not for the enthusiasts? Of course the gripes of an enthusiast are different from the average park guest. I'm sure for a lot of people the additions of 4 clones and a bacteria filled waterpark were wonderfull. But they don't have the same expectations or impressions of the park that I have. This is the park who's innovative rides made me fall in love with coasters in the first place. So yes, I feel I deserve better.

Now having said that, most of the people I have talked too who aren't going to the park anymore are not enthusiasts. You don't have to be a coaster freak to be dissapointed by SFGAM. Superman may be a fun ride for people with lower expectations than I but, you'd be amazed at how many average Joes don't want to wait in an immensly long and incredibly slow moving line for it. I get the impression from a lot of people that once you've been on it once or twice, unless the line is short it's not exciting enough to wait for. And that line is never short. Now I don't miss Shockwave at all. I never liked it from the start but, I would have liked to have seen some creativity put into it's replacement. And clone rides are not just an issue for enthusiasts. almost every time I'm at another six flags park I hear people saying why bother with Batman. It's the same as the one we were on at (fill in name of other six flags park here). The most frustrating thing is to see parks like SFMM get X and Scream and Tatsu and Superman Ultimate Escape while my home park is getting things like Ragin' Cajun.

You can give kudos to Huricane Harbor all you want, for me, the enthusiasts, water parks only purpose is to keep people out of line for the good rides. As for the average Joe, this particular HH has gotten a lot of bad press in the short time it's been around. I was there twice. the staff was incredibly rude and as a former lifeguard myself, I wouldn't want my children's safety in their hands. The other problem is, when you take a whole family to a park, not everyone wants to be in the waterpark and not everyone wants to be on rides. It's not very safe to be splitting up so at least half are going to be unhappy. Also, there is Magic Waters which is almost the same distance away from Chicago and Milwaukee. It has better attractions, better prices and friendlier staff.

The point is, when people around here are going to be dropping that kind of money on something they want more. I have my gripes as an enthusiasts, and others have their gripes too. I thought this was the place to act like an enthusiasts.

Certainly there are worse parks and people who are in much more negative circumstances with their home parks. But, I can't speak for them. I'm just getting really tired of looking at the "New For" pages on RCDB and rarely seeing my home park and when I do, it's a ride I likely already rode another park. What good is a season pass that allows you entrance into other SF parks if you'll be riding the same rides. *** Edited 12/10/2006 4:27:29 AM UTC by RollerCoastin!!!!***

^Then find another hobby, because it's obvious that you are jaded.

Bacteria filled waterpark? Did you read the story of what happened? It was a kid from Milwaukee that had the strain but didn't know it and showed up that day to the waterpark. It had nothing to due with SF having a bacteria problem.

They completely filtered out the water, blasted it harder with chlorine and opened the park up a couple days later as a precaution.

We have 12 coasters, more than alot of other parks in this country. If you are bored and sick of them, spend your dollars on another form of entertainment.

SFGAm is well rounded with its coaster collection along with flats, shows, and a waterpark included with admission.

And I guarantee alot of people aren't going to the park anymore due to the pricing and large crowds, not the selection of rides.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Well perhaps they would be willing to pay the prices if there were better rides to draw them in. Added costumed characters didn't seem to do it.

And, all water parks, public pools, etc. are full of bacteria. you don't have to have incidences of people getting sick to have that problem. Do some research. Bacteria becomes more and more resinstant to the water treatments everyday.

Also, your contention with mediocrity doesn't equate a need for me to "find another hobby". I think it's obvious from all this that this is not just a "hobby". If it were I don't think I'd be so passionate about it. And the solution is not to give up on coasters but, to give up on Six Flags. If I wanted another Disneyland I'd go to Disneyland.


That is strictly your opinion as you expect custom coaster after custom coaster to be installed. It's not going to happen.

I have been visiting this park since it was Marriott owned and I still appreciate what they have to offer and that they are a well run park (unlike some other SF parks).

It just seems to me with the way you word things that you are sick of the place and don't like what they have added recently. Most people don't know that their is other Batmans, Supermans, Deja Vu's, and V2's. If they strictly go to SFGAm, they just aren't going to care.

My take is you travel to other parks so of course you are going to see the same coaster somewhere else.

As long as SFGAm is pulling in between 2-3 million guests a year, they are doing well.

About the bacteria thing, you just said it yourself that bacteria pops up alot and it becomes more difficult to remove it with the current chemicals. It's not a SF problem.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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I think it's obvious from all this that this is not just a "hobby".

Unless you've somehow found a way to make money as a coaster enthusiast I'm sorry to break this to you but it's just a hobby.

Well I'm sorry if I angered you all by posting my opinion as a coaster enthusiasts in a forum for coaster enthusiasts, I guess I'm ignorant as to the purpose of forums on these sites. I didn't realized that the average Joe who is unaware of the workings of coasters and theme parks and the exhistance of clone coasters are the main users of these forums.

I never said waterpark bacteria was a SF problem. I simply referred to waterparks as bacteria filled. Not an incorrect statement.

And yes there is a way to make money as a coaster enthusiasts. The money is not why I do it. If I didn't make any money for it coasters would still be a huge part of my life. A hobby however, is an interest or activity in which you participate in your spare time. For myself and a lot of other enthusiasts we make time for this. It goes far beyond the boundries of hobbies.

I guess I should just find some other place for my opinions about theme parks and coasters. I guess it was silly of me to think that Coasterbuzz would be that place. Maybe there's room for my opinion on a Wiggles fan site or something. *** Edited 12/10/2006 5:53:38 AM UTC by RollerCoastin!!!!***

None of us are getting pissed off. We don't even know you.

We are just debating what you stated, that is what forums are about. Feel free to debate back, that is what makes posting on forums interesting.

Since you mentioned "Wiggles", I am assuming you know the rumor of a possible expansion to the Chicago park. Does this supposed expansion disappoint you because it doesn't include a coaster?

Families with small children count in the overall business of a park. *** Edited 12/10/2006 6:14:40 AM UTC by Chitown***

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Well I have mixed feelings about the Children's themed areas. I'm all for having stuff for youngsters at the parks. When I was growing up you didn't have them. If I actually wanted to go on rides and stuff I had to go to Kiddieland or Santa's Village. I liked going there but, I was still jealous of my brother who got to go to SFGAM and actually have a full day of fun. A coaster like Spacley Sprocket's Rocket would have been great for me. But, I think it would be more family friendly to have these attractions spaced out more in the park. When all the kiddie stuff is in one or two spots in the park the parents are forced to stay in those areas too or deal with unhappy kids in other areas. I do think the current themeing of the kids areas needs to be changed. Most kids going today aren't going to be thrilled by the Looney Tunes or Camp Cartoon Network. So I'm all for the Wiggles. Now the selfish side of me would, of course, like to see that money spent elswhere.

I understand that for the success of the bussiness, the parks need to draw in more people, and it makes sense that if there is something for everyone in the family, they will spend more time and money. But, I don't like seeing the parks, SFMM and SFGAdv aside, turn their backs on the same thrill seekers that helped differentiate them from other theme parks in the first place. *** Edited 12/10/2006 6:38:56 AM UTC by RollerCoastin!!!!***

I think you are just mad and trying to get even with the kids today because you didnt have good childhood rollercoasters.

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