Six Flags' MidQuarter Conference Call

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LOL, the more things change....

GAdv, GAm, oT - those are the parks that bring in the money....SFGE would take 10 years of operations to pay of a $12-15M ride, so they don't get really is THAT simple.

"Poor" parks, they can get thrilling rides...but honestly, the money is more likely there for a thrilling flat than for a Beemer or Intamin...just economics...


carlo18 said:
The conference call said that he plans on having more Thrill Rides for 2008. Including Thrilling coasters.

Yeah,and just watch them go into the same parks that have been getting them recently.Surely by 08 the novelty of ET will have worn off at SFGRADV & it'll be time to give them yet another roller coaster at the expense of one of the parks that have gone without such a new addition since 01/02.

Honestly, at this point in the company's operations, I truly believe they will make the best decision for them as a whole. And, Batwing Fan SFA, sometimes these decisions might be adding a major coaster to a park that may or may not have had one added most recently.

If you really want to ride these supposed new for 2008 rides bad enough, youll drive somewhere to get to them. That's the enthusiast in you, right? The fact that they are contributing to our hobby even more should be enough, right?

Ill keep having fun, and look forward to riding anything SF throws our way, regardless of location. I have high hopes for this chain because I had a few very good experiences at their parks this past year that I cant remember ever having previously.

The only thing I wish they could do to work towards better customer satisfaction is to lower the damn parking prices, at least by a little. Instead of getting everyone's money before they even get in, why not let them spend it inside, and be happier? We'll see if they ever figure this one out.

Here's looking forward to a great upcoming 2007 season, and to all you complainers out there, Start traveling!!

pkidelirium said:
Is it just me or does Six Flags *REALLY* like conference calls?

Honestly, I think that the best thing SFI has going for it is the way Shapiro talks. Though the actions late last season didnt always jibe with what he was saying, whenever he talks, *I* get the feeling that deep down inside he *gets* it. I'm sure I'm not the only one. The more he talks, the more time that he'll be given before investors snatch their money from up under him.

I mean really, what are you going to believe? Him or your lying eyes? ;)
lata, jeremy
--seduced by the dark side and willing to give Marky Mark more time

I still don't feel that he has gotten it yet. The prices went up the sky roof last year at every park, and he thinks that Six Flags is doing so great that he's going to hold our prices while everyone else is raising them.

The whole tourist areas can get away with that because they have so many people that go to those parks. They aren't repeat visitors. Disney can get away with it because if you buy more days, it will only cost you $40.00 or something reasonable.

Regional Six Flags aren't going to be able to get away with high prices because it's not even a real vacation like the other parks. Also, what did these parks do to go up in price so much in one year. They didn't a whole lot. Paying $10.00 for nothing more was a complete ripoff. The parking also went up $5.00.

Now, he is saying that again they aren't going to have discounts which is what he said last year. Attendance got bad, and here came the discounts. They should have slowly incremented the price to get in the park instead of all right away. The prices to get in shouldn't be held, they should be lowered by last year -$5.00 or $6.00. How long are they going to be held until it's goes up another $5.00. Cedar Point has them at $43.00 which has more rides than probably any Six Flags has.

The deal at Six Flags Magic Mountain is ridiculous from a business standpoint. You go one day, and it's $60.00. However, you get the whole year free, and you get a free kids season pass or something like that. That's giving too much away. That $60.00 shouldn't be that high, and the season pass should be normal.

So, what, there's Disney around there. Everyone might not want to spend 20 days at SFMM, and thus make it cheaper each day. On top of it, remember that Six Flags Magic Mountain is open all year. You are getting a park open all year season pass for $60.00, and SFGAm is like $80.00 now. If Six Flags Magic Mountain doesn't have enough money, I blame Six Flags for that.

Instead, he tries to ignore the prices being too high (football stadium), and do other things. Again, season passes should be higher depending on the park.

I support new sponsorships because they give the parks more money. I don't think Cold Stone Creamery is really going to help though. I think SFStL, and SFFT need something better than what they are getting. I have been SFStL, and it's good, but it just needs something more. A mouse isn't going to help that park like it would help a park that has everything already.

That park needs something bigger, and more flats. I know the park might not make enough money, and such but my theory is and always will be that parks that are small won't ever make enough money because they don't have the stuff that a Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Over Texas, or a Six Flags Great Adventure has. They all grew somehow.

Why keep on giving a great park like Six Flags Great America more and more stuff when we have enough? When something dies, give us more. Go to another smaller park, and make that park bigger like us. I rather have two SFGAm's than 1. Otherwise, the smaller SFStL will close, and SFGAm will be the last park standing. To me, it just doesn't make sense.

When Six Flags Great America opened, it had 2 roller coasters. In 1981, it added another one. In 1990 til present day, they have added 9 roller coasters. See how this park didn't have many roller coasters, and kept on adding them to this great park today. You can, and people have done this with any park. Thus, a don't think a mouse is going to really help SFStL. My philosophy is that the big parks get bigger, and the smaller parks turn into dumps.

I like the Thomas the Engine thing, and I guess the Wiggles thing is okay. Family is okay with me, but you just need to add some stuff to smaller parks or they will be the next Darien Lake, Elitch Gardens, or Wild Waves.

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