Six Flags' MidQuarter Conference Call

Mark Shapiro made it very clear that the parks will not be sold for real estate development, not a single one. If they do sell a park, it will be an ongoing operation and remain a park. The real estate value were actually lower than the operational value. SFMM ain't going anywhere. I suppose that'll make some happy and others not so happy, haha.
Is it just me or does Six Flags *REALLY* like conference calls?
I find it interesting that we have access (sp?) to these conference calls. I mean if they are going to let us hear this then why don't they make an official announcement? I swear if I have to hear one more "OMG! Six Flags is under new management!!!1!!" Beacause they have it stuck in there heads that it was being sold.

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Wheres the link with the whole story??? Here it is for those who want to read the whole thing: *** Edited 12/12/2006 5:38:44 PM UTC by Ajrides***

There's a press release here.

They talked about adding Thomas the tank engine to a couple of the parks, adding Wiggles world to some of the parks, the Tony Hawk coasters. They also discussed the addition of Cold Stone Creamery as a new corporate alliance partner, they will introduce a new flavor called Six Flags Coaster Crunch and Heinz will be the official ketchup of Six Flags.

They also talked about making the Great Adventure Safari a separate gate admission and adding more interactivity to it.

They've come to a conclusion that the parks that are possibly for sale are worth more as continuing operations than new development regardless who owns them, and that they will know if they'll sell or not near the end of the year.

They also said that they are not going to increase the main gate prices for the next season.

SFOT will have its hours extended to an 11pm close. Its new cirque show coobrila will be at night and when the guests leave the show, they can enjoy the park. Coobrila stands for cooler, brighter, and later. *** Edited 12/12/2006 5:51:51 PM UTC by J.***

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

The Safari as a seperate gate seems like a mistake to me. Gate price is already $59.99, the upgrade to the Safari is $9.99 so it's basically a $10 increase in admission if you want to go to the Safari.

The online rate has also been raised for Great Adventure, $39.99 last year for both parks. This year it's $45.99 for just the park, so with the Safari it's $55.99, a $16 increase!

I feel like it's last year all over again when they also originally took away the Safari from admission along with the no re-entry policy but due to the backlash, both were brough back. Maybe if they get enough complaints they'll include the Safari again

I for the most part have had confidence in the new managment to turn the parks around. But I must say Shapiro is really going overboard with these copyright characters. I think they're a nice incentive to one's visit but they shouldn't dominate the park.

Instead of feeling like a theme park, Six Flags is going to feel like a mall. I most enjoy parks with an original atmosphere with unique themes and structures. The second Tony Hawk coaster will be going to Six Flags St. Louis in the Britainia section. For those who haven't been there Britainia is the part of the park that still has a good grasp on its original theme. I dread to see how Tony Hawk is going to disrupt that.

Yes, patrons will be able to connect with these names and characters but isn't more important that they connect with the park itself? I think that more than anything will bring people back year after year. *** Edited 12/12/2006 11:21:48 PM UTC by WOF Guy***

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

J. said:

They also discussed the addition of Cold Stone Creamery as a new corporate alliance partner, they will introduce a new flavor called Six Flags Coaster Crunch and Heinz will be the official ketchup of Six Flags.

So if somebody comes along and offers an extra 2 dollars for a cone, they can walk to the front of the line and they will hand yours to them?

What about relish and mustard? Or didn't Heinz pony up enough corporate goodwill for that?

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What cought my attention is that they are trying to get the "family" image going for the parks and get rid of the rowdy teenager crowd, but they are building a Tony Hawk ride that caters to the age group that they are trying to limit.

I am happy that they will not be closing any parks to make room for homes.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

^^ Yes, RGB, Heinz will supply more than just ketchup.
Wow, is this why my Heinz stock raised over 500% in november? If I could make 400 a month from three or for of my other stocks, I'd retire.
I think all of you need to listen to the COMPLETE conference call. There was a lot of GOOD information in there. Including plans for beyond the 2007 season.

A day at the park is what you make it!

The conference call said that he plans on having more Thrill Rides for 2008. Including Thrilling coasters.
Interesting stuff. Sounds like Shapiro has a long term plan after all, and isn't just flying by the seat of his pants. You can nit pick on the small stuff all you want, but this guys sees the bigger picture.

I guess all those prematurely writting off SFMM and SFEG (myself included) better not quit our day jobs to become betting men! ;)

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You can nit pick on the small stuff all you want, but this guys sees the bigger picture.


Listened to the whole webcast of this conference and I must say Mark and Jeff have a grasp of what needs to be done.

2 kids themed type areas, an original stunt show, 2 more parks added to Holiday events, Cold Stone Ice Cream along with Heinz as a corporate sponsor and in park availability of these products, more licensed characters to roam the parks, 2 Tony Hawk family coasters, selling of 9 parks to remain parks or they continue operations of them, and a freeze of full price admission gate.

Also high thrill rides for 2008.

If you complain about this strategy then you are just a one-dimension tool.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I just wanted to comment on the plans for 2008 of "adding thrills rides." Shapiro did say he was working this year to bring the family up then in 2008 they can go back to thrill rides, however he did quickly state that it wouldnt be 20 million tatsus or 50 million kingda kas, but 5 million for more coasters like tony hawk. So I wouldnt get your hopes up for the major coaster limit lift just yet.

As for the question of if Tony Hawk is going for the teenage crowd, I have asked myself this question as well. Shapiro stated that its reaching a market that is even more important which is the 9-12 age range. This demo is old enough to convience their parents to get a trip out there, yet young enough that the family has to go and they cant just be dropped off.

It was nice to hear that any money that would have been spent in a park that might get sold, will still be spent for improvements at still exsisting parks.

The conference call touched on a lot of interesting topics for 2007. Looks like theres a lot of sampling of new ideas at various parks that can really effect the chain if they are successful. Let's just hope that all the money isnt spent early again this season producing major budget cuts we saw this year. Can't wait to see where we are at a year from now.

Is it just me or does it really seem like the bad news about the fate of Six Flags that was spread last spring was just a way to make the stock value go down in order for someone to buy in really cheap?
It sounds like a conspiracy theory, I know, but these strange rumors that were around at the time really made me curious,
Personally, I don't think Six Flags is actually doing so bad these days.

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I'm still not so keen on Shapiro, yet...but hey anyone's better than Burke.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

carlo18 said:
The conference call said that he plans on having more Thrill Rides for 2008. Including Thrilling coasters.

Yeah,and just watch them go into the same parks that have been getting them recently.Surely by 08 the novelty of ET will have worn off at SFGRADV & it'll be time to give them yet another roller coaster at the expense of one of the parks that have gone without such a new addition since 01/02.

I did hear that SFA is not selling off undeveloped land as once thought however....that said why keep it? we seem to be losing more rides than are being put in.Anyone want to take bets at which ride will be gone/SBNO in 07?

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