Six Flags Magic Mountain will be open 365 days a year

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Starting 1st January, the park operate year round.

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Good for season passholders, but for the park itself it's not a good move since even less money and time will be dedicated to maintaining the rides and the park. Plus who knows who many of the rides will be open during the winter months.

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I'd say it's good for the park.

More operating hours = more profit

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Step 1 - Open All Year

Step 2 - ???

Step 3 - PROFIT!

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How is Six Flags going to manage this? Shut down the back half of the park? I was there in the middle of July, and they were having a hard enough time keeping things moving... drinking fountains not working and such.

I wish Cedar Fair would get their hands on this park somehow.

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Give it the ol' Geauga Lake treatment.


Ironically, in the early 2000s, Magic Mountain was put up for sale by Six Flags. Potential buyers were Busch and Cedar Fair. I'm guessing Cedar Fair either bought Geauga Lake, the Paramount Parks, or all of them together instead of Magic Mountain. It would've been cool to see MM as a Busch park, too.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

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Last September the park was running well. Everything open and running. Looks like they have a plan. I say go for it.

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Year round operation helps staffing probably too as people can put more hours in and do not just work on weekends in the off season with having to work another job during the week.

I wonder if they will draw enough people during the slow times to even justify being open. During the winter month weekdays, most everyone is either working, or in school, so who is going to go to Six Flags?

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As the article stated, they're doing this to attract tourists, and have a marketing plan in place for out of the country tourism. Knott's is open year round. Disney too. Magic Mountain could be just a well. If that park continues to revitalize an entire area every time they add something in, in about 3-5 years (assuming they fill some of the empty spots with flat rides, as the chain is now much more keen on adding flats and flat packages), the park should be at another level. Get the park looking good all over, rides painted, holes plugged, add a hotel (They're considering it), and do what CF is doing already, add in seasonal events every season, and you have a nice year round resort park.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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0g said:

During the winter month weekdays, most everyone is either working, or in school, so who is going to go to Six Flags?

The same people going to Disney, Universal, and Knott's Berry Farm?

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Huh. For some reason I thought Knotts was weekends only during the "slow" season. I stand corrected.

The year rounds are in southern LA and SFMM is far north. (Or at least it appeared that way to me when I made the trip. It seemed like hours) Anyway, as pointed out, tourists to the area might see the park as a place to go and stay around instead of leaving to go south and not coming back. Maybe SF sees money laying on the table they should be picking up.

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Without traffic (ha) Six Flags is exactly 1 hour from Knotts with Los Angles in the middle. So location wise Six Flags really isn't any farther than the SoCal parks. There just isn't much else to do around SF or at least there wasn't years ago when I went.


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That's the Moose out of job then, isn't it.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Intresting , so the region of Los Angles has now 4 parks that are open yearround, or even more? for me as a themepark/rollercoasterfan this makes it more worth to go there outside of regular parkseasons.

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My experience is that Jan and Feb weekends are totally dead at SFMM. Like walk ons on everything.

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Unfortunately it will still take four hours to drive anywhere. :)

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SFMM has been around a long time with many smart people running it over the years. I would think that if the park could operate year round and still be profitable, someone would have figured out a way to made it happen by now. But hey, perhaps they are looking at the opportunity with a new angle to justify it.

I'll be real curious to see if it is a success.

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