Six Flags Layoffs

This is buzzing (no pun intended) in other coaster communities

From what I've heard, this round of layoffs goes down into the parks as well. Includes department managers and a longtime director from SFOT that I know. This guy is a 30+ year loyal soldier that's been at the park since he was a teenager.

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Makes you wonder if he has an actual plan or if he's just starving the beast. Seems like he wants to cut costs, raise prices, then GTFO, and let someone else deal with the consequences.

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Earnings call is tomorrow... if this is true, it sure makes those results more interesting.

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I've seen this posted all over the place, but they all go back to a single tweet that was removed by request of SF. There was another post somewhere that said that a bunch of park-level PR guys were let go but again I've yet to see any substantiation to these claims.

I've yet to post a TR yet as I haven't had time, but, from visiting Six Flags St. Louis, I'd definitely be concerned about Six Flags long term outlook, as it was not at all busy. But then again, I've never been there before.

So doubling prices on the season pass and taking away the dining pass option kept people away? Bummer.

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The timing could not have been worse to substantially raise prices and alienate pass holders. Their plan has some merit but I predict tomorrow's release will highlight that attendance was so far off that no amount of in-park spend could offset the loss.

I predict next year Six Flags will discontinue the legacy memberships. Between that and discontinuing the dining plan the value just wouldn't be there for us. As it is we've only been to SFGAM once this summer when we would normally have been 3-4 times already. Granted we've been busy with other things but the desire just hasn't been there without our dining already paid for.

I'm wondering if we are already seeing some of the other cuts. We typically go to Great America, as it is closest to us. Wisconsin school do not start until September 1. Yet Great America is not open at all the 22-26th of August. And then afterwards it is only open for Frightfest. No other weekend hours before or after.

I think the cuts started when the park opened for the year. The whole "brand new" DC Universe area is a complete joke. Painting Vertical Velocity and putting up some new signs is not a new area. We're not fooled. Couple that with half the food stands closed, Buccaneer Battle never opening for the season, Justice League in 2D chain-wide, and rising prices. It's not a good look. The CEO doesn't seem to understand that Six Flags isn't the same product as Universal or Disney and won't become that just by raising prices.


Between that and discontinuing the dining plan the value just wouldn't be there for us.

To each his own, but there wouldn’t be value in their dog **** food if they paid me to eat it.

Things appear to be going swimmingly with Six Flags this morning.

Yikes. FUN is also down but by a much smaller percentage (~1.8% vs. ~6%)

Unless I'm reading that infographic wrong SIX is down over 20% not 6%. Very bad, regardless.

Yeah, about 20% is what I read as well.

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Yeah. $5.67. 21.97%

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Man I can’t read! (I wouldn’t trust that I got FUN right either.)

Six Flags up 13.87% today. Fun up 1.95%.

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