Six Flags Great Adventure announces Total Mayhem roller coaster

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Six Flags officials announced that the theme park would welcome its "most unique" and "most insane" coaster in its history in 2016. Total Mayhem – a 4-D, free-fly coaster – will lift riders straight up a 12-story, 90-degree hill before flipping them head-over-heels at least six times along a weightless journey.

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I think I'm going to change my criticism of the location of the ride. After watching the videos a little more closely, it seems as if the ride is not blocking the view of the lake at all. It looks like it is not parallel to the lake, like I thought. Or is it? The way the lakeside show structures have been removed, it looks like the ride will only fit parallel to the lake. I'll have to see it before I decide.

Great Adventure has so much potential for actually becoming a beautiful park.

Instead of being bitter about what the ride is or isn't, how many dimensions it has, and how the ride is placed upon the property; perhaps, we can all agree that we're just disappointed, needy, enthusiasts who can see (but won't quantify) the value of this ride for a GP population.

And yeah, yeah, yeah.... Capacity issues... Blah blah blah. But on the same token, how many GP guests at a park are running a stopwatch on ride ops and comparing actual vs ideal load times. None. I guarantee you.

We all know there was a Batman:TR invert dropped in every SF park you could throw a rock at, but did we complain? Nope. Because it was during the height of the late 90s and early 2000s coaster boom. And it was a B&M; a much more costly ride altogether. The "fourth dimension" that this ride adds is just as thrilling and unique to the thrill-seaker, who doesn't travel further to other parks other than their "home" one, and is just as exciting as a B&M invert clone.

I challenge anyone here to try and balance a parks P&L for two months. Then get back to me on the validity of this ride for any park across the nation, Six Flags or not.

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LostKause said:

There is a fifth dimension, sixth dimension, and beyond, from what I've recall about the subject, and we just can't comprehend it with our tiny little 3D (or 4D, depending on if you think time is the fourth) minds.

String Theory predicts 10 dimensions.

Six Flags should market it as a 10D coaster and explain that your limitations in being a human prevent you from fully experiencing how great of a ride it is.

Come to think of it, that would also explain its unusually high ranking on the "Top Coasters Of The Universe" poll that Quazar 19 puts out each year.

Man, I hate being human.

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I never believe the results of the Quazar 19 poll anymore. There is no way those results are statistically significant given the limited votes for rides outside of our solar system. I'll never forget the year the results were biased because Alvey took a trip to Alpha Centauri with his coaster-nerd buddies. Worse yet, they came back. Any poll that would rank The Big Bang ahead of el Toro has to be wrong!

What are you all talking about? 4D/5D is old news, when I was on vacation in Budva/Montenegro(amazing place), they had 7D!!!!! lol

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Damn, that's alotta D!


^^ the set up!

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She loves the D!

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The coasters at Spaceland Park on Planet KOI-326.01 are low on the CoasterBuzz Top 100 because of the planet's low gravity.

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I never get to ride them. The veriteron pulse variance is always out of whack when I'm there.

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That's intentional. Sixteen Flags deliberately closes rides to encourage sales of the Slider Pass, which lets you cut lines via wormhole.

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