Six Flags adding 95 million in new capital

Didnt they year Cedar Fair built Maverick, chain wide didnt they say they spent around 80 million or so? Is this up to standards, to what Six Flags has spent in the last few years under Shapiro?

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I don't think it matters. If he's right and they can finally have positive cash flow, then they can spend on cap ex appropriately. That seems to be the industry standard.

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I hope that they spend it all on theming. Rides without EXTREME theming aren't worth riding.



Yeah 75 miilion is going into the theming of the terminator woody SFMM is geting with 5 million of that actually going into the 95 foot tall GCI wooden coaster. Another tragic failure for 2009 :(
Didn't Six Flags regularly invest around $100 million/year under Burke's leadership? Now that there are fewer Six Flags parks, seems to me that quite a few parks will be seeing some serious money next year. Doesn't sound too bad to me.
Apparently some of that money is going to St. Louis for a new slide, or at least that is the current rumblings in my neck of the woods. I'm guessing a Deluge-style, but it could be about anything.

In other news, evidentally next year is the 10th ann of HH at St. Louis, or so a SFStL fanboy just reminded me.

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Aren't one or two Six Flags parks supposedly getting new GCII wood coasters for the 2009 season? That's at least $7.5-15 million, give or take.
Well, Great Escape might put up that roller coaster they have already, or something else. Shapiro said before that around 2 parks every year will get a Thomas Town or a Wiggle's World. I wonder if Georgia is going to get more than the Thomas train they already have for next year as I heard there is area left for more stuff.

Of course, Magic Mountain is the confirmed park that will get a roller coaster. Rumors say that SFStL, and SFHH in New Jersey will get additions to the waterpark. I personally think that SFGAm waterpark will be expanded, and they will charge separate admission because this would be the perfect time to do it with Space Shuttle America abandoned, and the rumor is for a Splash Battle. Rumor for SFNE is a roller coaster (water or regular).

Maybe, it's a water year. I don't know. Water attractions are necessary for hot conditions, but at the same time, they aren't open that much. You really don't need them in the morning, and at night. They shouldn't be open during the beginning of the season, and at the end of the season because it's too cold.

They are also much lower capacity as for the slides as only 1 or 2 people except for the Tornado can go down the slide at once. The amusement park water rides do have better capacity though like your white water rapids, or Shoot-the-Chutes.

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Never underestimate the power of a water park. They are insanely popular. I don't get it but apparently alot of people do...
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I don't see the separate admission coming for Hurricane Harbor in Chicago. At this time anyways. There are plenty of people that go just for the water park, so why charge less money when they can get full admission price? That being said, the park has a capacity in the 7,000's and on nice days like today was, there is often a wait to get into the park based on capacity issues. With a separate entrance, people won't wait in an external line to get into the park at times it reaches capacity, so it makes most sense to keep it the way it is now.

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I wonder how much of that $95m is to fix up that huge portion of SFKK that is closed this season?
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Mamoosh said:
I wonder how much of that $95m is to completely demolish that huge portion of SFKK that is closed this season?


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Fix...demolish...same thing in this case ;)
If they tear it down before I get the Pink Twin credit, I am going to be pissed. ;) Damn thing was only running Green when I was there.
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You wouldn't have need the credit if you counted multi-tracked coasters as 'one.'

mOOSH - oh no...can open, worms everywhere!

^ Soooooo, I can claim credit fro BOTH sides of Gemini, all FIVE trains of TTD, AND X-Flight & Firehawk (since the same coaster was moved)? :)

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Sure...if you feel the need to artificially increase your count to feel important, lol :)
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Hey now, some guys just feel the need to increase their count size with artificial coaster count enhnacement. Coasterzyte seems to be quite popular! LOL After all Bob has a swelling sense of pride over his large wood coaster

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Spinout said:

Maybe, it's a water year. I don't know.

Could be, but $95 million is a lot to spend primarily on water-based attractions. I'm assuming there are no new B&M/Intamins on the way but it sounds like a few parks are getting some major attractions. Maybe a few more Gerstlauer spinning coasters?

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If you don't yet have a spinning coaster, you need one. Those things ROCK....and they're seriously family-friendly. (aka profitable).

Hypers are really expensive investments...but they DO pay off.

Lastly, the $95M figure probably includes a lot of infrastructure, and is likely not simply a "rides budget".

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