Shivering Timbers might be getting new trains

Supposedly the timberliners that Holiday World was previously using on the Voyage are going to be brought to MiA to be used on Shivering Timbers. I heard about this earlier and I also saw it on screamscape today.

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Wow, Timber-Rider may get so excited by this news, he'll need some new wet tighty whities.

Careful with the rumors, It could be just that!

Ain't Timber Rider a Gal? Sure wasn't a guy seat hopping both times I was there in 01-02, Right Kara?

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A) That's why he used the term supposedly, Chuck. As in 'This is what I heard'.

B) If you paid attention to anything around here, you'd know that Timber Rider is a guy. It's fairly obvious when pictures of him are pictures of a guy.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Unless he's actually a girl taking pictures of a guy...

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The Kara you are referring to posts as STChick or as I call her "STC Hick" but I haven't seen her post in forever.

Timber Rider is... well I won't get into it. I don't have the energy to defend myself after offending a crap ton of people on here.


There's only way to be sure--one of us will have to check mid-Timbers.

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I don't know the genders of a lot of folks here. I didn't know about RCMAC until a month ago. That's kind of a problem.

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The less you know about me, and everyone else around here, the better.

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I know what's wrong with your eye, but I won't tell Tyler.


Tyler Boes said:
I don't know the genders of a lot of folks here. I didn't know about RCMAC until a month ago. That's kind of a problem.

No it isn't. It's not like I'm asking you to Homecoming or anything.

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I'd go to homecoming with you, but only if you wore your tail.

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The last time I brought up gender here, it was in relation to the vests on general, it's not really relevant.

Yup, Sorry, It was STChick Kara. I apologize. Timber Rider and Kara for that matter.

I have no idea if ST is getting new trains or not. Yeah Supposedly is a open ended statement. Don't know if there was a problem with the trains or not but on both my visits the Blue train ran faster with more air. The Green one was just meh.

I know GKraft has a shop and were prepared to build. If they were built, IDK. I was told Hades train tested and then was shipped to Mt. O. That I don't know for a fact but Hades opening three days after its arrival tells me it was broken in and tested before delivery.

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Raven-Phile said:

I'd go to homecoming with you, but only if you wore your tail.

You're going to Homecoming with me. And that's because of that purdy mouth of yours!


I can think of a lot of coasters that might benefit from new trains, but Shivering Timbers isn't the one that comes to my mind first. I haven't been there in a while, but I remember the ride being quick smooth. Not glass smooth, but pretty smooth. What doesn't make sense to me is the following: I thought timberliners were designed for twister coasters, which Shivering Timbers and Voyage are not. Is there some other advantage for an out and back to have timberliners rather than PTC's? They would make sense on something like Legend at HW, Ravine Flyer 2, or Cornball Express. ANyone have any other insight?

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Voyage is effectively a twister in that it has very quick transitions and banking. There are large, mostly straight sections of track, but there are also crazy twisting sections as well.

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Voyage is a combo of many wood design strategies. I consider it a combo of Legend, Raven, and Shivering Timbers. Ravine Flyer and Shivering Timbers combo is probably a more accurate combo, but I haven't ridden RVT.

Voyage is one half a fantastic out and back, and then all hell breaks loose. The second half of that ride is incomparable to any other coaster. Ive ridden that ride dozens of times and I cant anticipate every twist and turn yet.

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Remember they had to cut the sideboards of Ravens train and allow it to articulate a few more degrees for Voyage, Unfortunately that train was awe full rough as well and was nicknamed Ravage.

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