SFWoA: Worth the Trip?

Saturday, June 7, 2003 1:55 PM
This topic is not meant to be the usual Six Flags vs. Cedar Point discussion that few of us like. Its a legitimate question that I would like answered.

Although I consider Cedar Point (which is over an hour away) to be my home park, I live only about 20 minutes away from that Severely Frustrating Waste of ab Afternoon, (I mean Worlds of Adventure). Last year, I purchased a season pass, in the hope of being able to go there a few times when the trip to Cedar Point would just be too long, but I barely went there.

On my last trip, which is when I actually got the pass processed, I found the place to be severely frustrating. Coming on their closing weekend, I found the customer service to be terrible. The worst thing was that they never opened the park on a Friday night (having made the drive) when they were scheduled to be open, without them even doing anything in return.

There were two redeeming things about the park when I got there the next day were B:KF and Tiger Island. At the end of the afternoon, I vowed not to return this year, unless the promised Hyper was built.

Now though, I have a car that is not in great shape, and I am unable to go to Cedar Point as often as I like. Since I hear that the customer service was supposed to be improved this year, I was wondering if I should reconsider my "boycott."

Is getting a pass this year worth the money, and more importantly, worth the time? The only ride I really enjoy there is B:KF, though I wouldn't mind rinding the Boomerang, Hang and Bang, and Big Dipper too. I would really love to go down there a few times just to ride B:KF, but don't know if the trip would be worth the time and money. What do people think? Does SFWoA deserve a second chance?

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Saturday, June 7, 2003 2:08 PM
O.K. I'd bet I am going to catch some heat on this statement but I have wanted to post it for the last couple of weeks and this is my opportunity to get it out there.

SFGAm is my home park and for the last several years I have been a SF season's pass holder and visited 10 - 20 times annually.

This memorial day weekend I visited SFWOA for 3 days, and I left wishing this were my home park..... It was an awesome experience in every way; customer service wise, a large variety of rides, and even the bathrooms were decent. The shows were a delight for the entire family (the kids are 3, 7 & 8). I really left the place wishing it were my home park.... as I got closer to home I thought to myself, O.K. maybe I am taking that statement too far. I did however wish it was closer to home so I could visit it more often.

Maybe I have the grass is always greener syndrome, or perhaps I am just getting a little worn out on SFGAm. I have been to SFGAm twice this season and really enjoyed it, but SFWOA just seemed like a really nice overall package.

Just my humble opinion.
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Saturday, June 7, 2003 3:29 PM
When did SFWOA promise you a hyper?
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Saturday, June 7, 2003 3:36 PM
SFWOA was worth going over CP last year for me if that tells you anything. Serial Thriller was hung, but it didn't bang. Very fun and intense coaster. I thought it was an excellent park with a nice variety, hyper or not. I can only imagine it being better this year with a retracked RWB and good word on The Villain.

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Saturday, June 7, 2003 4:29 PM
Some six flags parks are offering an upgrade of a single day's admission to a season pass during the day. At least, SFA has been doing this. You might call SFWOA and see if they are doing the same thing. If so, go to the park, have an open mind, and see what you think. If you decide you're having fun, spring for the upgrade-to-a-pass.


Saturday, June 7, 2003 5:19 PM
Well, I know exactly where you're coming from when you call the park frustrating...

I go there whenever I make a trip out to Cedar Point. I'll usually try to get a day in at WoA before Cedar Point so as to not spoil one by going to the other first... Catch that?

And maybe it has something to do with the fact that I live near SFGAm, a Six Flags park which runs itself extremely well, especially in the capacity area, but I just couldn't get myself to enjoy WoA that much when I went this year.

Yes, I was able to ride everything (well, Mind Eraser was down...), but nothing seemed to be running especially well. My favorite ride there, B:KF, had the weirdest damn thing happening with the queue (they'd actually stop people before the ramp up to the station, which, sometimes, caused a train to be sent out literally empty (behind the front, anyway) while the queue 'ops' just sat there holding people back...)

I can definately reccommend Six Flags for a day, or maybe only an afternoon. However, I, like you were, was very frustrated with my visit to WoA and have no plans to go back this year.

(And I hate to bring it up, but to give you an idea, (Dragster or not,) I've been to Cedar Point for 2 days already this year, and can't wait to go back.)

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Saturday, June 7, 2003 5:23 PM
I'd have to answer the original poster with a *huge* "YES!" I actually think that during my SRM trip 03 which included SFWoA, CP, PKI, and HW, that I had the most FUN at SFWoA. I know it's an incredibly hard concept to grasp, but I truly did.

Everything was open that could be open (water slides were under construction still, but DAMN do they look fun!) and even BKF was running two trains all day, never went down, stacked like once the entire time I saw it, and this was with never a full train going out. I was seriously impressed.

Also, Villain had no line and they dispatched the train very quickly, and I don't know what they did to it, but it was *unbelievable*. Best wood in all of Ohio bar none.

To not go into a full TR, I'll just say the customer service was incredible, the coasters are very good and thrilling, and the operations were great that day. DEFINITELY GO TO SFWOA, it's not the same as you remember.

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Saturday, June 7, 2003 5:58 PM
I was also wondering about a question like this. Should I go to CP for three days or go to SFWoA for one and CP for two. My trip out to Ohio is going to be my first trip out there and probably my last, at leat for awile.

I've heard from people that SFWoA has gotten a lot better in the customer service department and that they are finally running the coasters properly.

Saturday, June 7, 2003 6:04 PM

Avalanche Sam said:

Although I consider Cedar Point (which is over an hour away) to be my home park, I live only about 20 minutes away from that Severely Frustrating Waste of ab Afternoon, (I mean Worlds of Adventure).

Alright, I can understand if you live hours away from the park, but damn, you live 20 minutes from it? And you ask if its worth going to? Whether it is or isnt, why dont you just suck it up and go to the park for a day to find out? Pay a one -day pass and if you are satisfied, upgrade to a season pass.

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Saturday, June 7, 2003 6:31 PM
I was just there today and had a great time.

Hurricane Mountain is open and is great. The three towering enclosed body slides are FAST and the four innertube slides are quite fun too.

BKF, Villain, Serial Thriller all running two trains even though they didnt' have to.

X Flight is still one train but they are trying to get two trains going. Big Dipper, Double Loop, and of course, RWB is still one train.

Dispatching for Villain and BKF has been good with little to no stacking at all.

SFWoA has been great these past few weeks. I would give it another shot.

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Saturday, June 7, 2003 7:28 PM
Here is the low down...since i live 5min away from SFWOA i go quite often just to get my daily dose of coasters. i Hvae to say this year is by far the best it has been since its change to the SF name and i love it so much now.its clean..service is great..and the coasters are better than ever! here is some info for a good day..

Saturdays are really Packed- If you go on a saturday and expect to get wild rides..see most wild life and have time for hurricane harbor ....you wont...trust me!..try to do a two day thing like SAT-SUN...FRI-SAT.

Best times to go are sunday-fri...less crowds and you can get alot done.... Hurrican Harbor has opened and it has not been real crowded..but weather is not all that great..by the way sharK attack is intense!.....there is alot to do in hurricane harbor since they added shark attack and Hurricane mountain.best time for HH is noon-3..when its hotter in the day.

The food in the park is not the best..if you do eat inside the park your best bet is: The mandrine Buffet...American Grill..and 50's restaurant....there is a big new shopping complex right across the street with many food places.....great deal..also a wal-mart..and other clothing and hardware stores.

For sleeping and a place to stay there is the six flags hotel..and there are the SF camp grounds...close near by hotels are located in Solon(where i live) 5 min away from park..or there are hotels in aurora(where the park is located)

For parking..if you live close buy the parking pass..it is really useful....also if you live real close buy a season pass it saves alot of money and pays for itself in 2 visits.....

Get to the park early if you want to beat the wait for X-flight..the ride is great and you cant afford to miss it...its only running 1 train right now which kinda doubles the wait time.....the ride ops for X-flight are really fun.....

the wild life side doesnt usually get crowded during the week..but on the weekend it can get pretty full..mostly all the shows are over there and are really good..best shows to see....of course the Killer whale show it shouka....(i think thats how you spell it.) the sea lion and Otter show..Pirates 3D...(great show..ps you will get wet!)...Dolphin harbor is good...Batman Spectacular is a blast!....mission bermuda triangle is not the best but enjoyable for 1st time riders.

P.s my b/f works at double loop on wednsday-sat

i hope this helps anyone that wants To make a trip....its really worth it...I promise you won't be disapointed

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Saturday, June 7, 2003 8:28 PM
my 2 cents:

i went last summer expecting to drop in and drop out with my season pass on the way to cedar point. I ended up staying 2 days to see the whole park. I've heard i was lucky to get on all the rides, but i went on a monday and they were all operating, including x-flight. I rode S:UE until i was too dizzy to ride anymore. The next day at CP i waited 3+ hours for Millenium force, and almost an hour for Raptor, Mantis, Disaster Transport, and Maggie. In my opinion, SF was more coaster bang for the buck, but obviously nothing can beat the overall atmosphere of the point.

I'm planning on going back this year on my way to CP and holiday world. So, I don't know - i would guess it's worth buying the pass, especially if you can get to another SF park with it (SFGAm, SFDL).


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Saturday, June 7, 2003 10:10 PM
WOA has a habit of starting off well and quickly folding. That being said it definately has the attraction line up to make for an enjoyable park. If you can get around the crazy things that can happen guest service wise, there is no reason you couldn't have fun there. But then that can be said about many different parks. WOA can be very good or horribly awful, but what has always killed me the most is that the park never reaches capacity on rides; leading to longer lines than are appropriate (in my opinion). In the end it's definately to early to tell if the park has come out of its death spiral toward destruction. Either you go because you want to ride those rides or just save your time and money for the ones you do want. (and note no comparisons)
Sunday, June 15, 2003 10:01 AM
I hope its ok to resurect this thread.

Thanks for all the responces.

Unfortunately, I think I probably will not be visiting SF:WoA this year unless I can get free tickets. Talking to a former employee from SF:GAv last night, who quit shortly after Premier and SF merged, the park should have given my friend and I comps for the park being closed that night.

While I realize that the operating schedule is "subject to change without notice" according to the back of the season pass, but I think the professional thing to do when closing a park is to comp the people that bother to show up, without prior knowlege of the park's closing.

The park being closed, and the poor customer service I got last year are the two main reasons why I think I will not be paying any money to go there this season.

I will be happy to go and give the park a second chance if I can get a free ticket or pass though. I would love to have somewhere within a 20 minute drive where I could go if I am really bored.

Anyone know how I might be able to convince the park that if they let me in for free to see if their customer service has improved, I'd consider buying a pass?

Thanks again for the prior responces, and I look forward to seeing new ones,

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Sunday, June 15, 2003 10:21 AM
Sam, you've got no chance of convincing the park to let you in for free to see if it or the customer service has improved.

Take it from me, the customer service has improved. I was there on June 6, in between Coastermania ERT. There was a power surge and all the coasters went down, and I was stuck on X-Flight for about 10-15 minutes. They gave the three of us exit passes for all the coasters, free meal coupons, and $15 each worth of park cash (which could be used on food, games, gifts, parking, etc). This was very good considering the power surge was not really their fault.

I won't even go on to compare this to the fat nothing that Cedar Point gave us when we went to guest relations there- and the problems at this park were the parks fault.

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Sunday, June 15, 2003 10:37 AM
Last year was a VERY bad year for that park. WoA is the "diamond in the dirt" when it comes to Sf parks. The only other SF park I like better is SFGAm, which is by far the best. And I have been to SFMM & SFGADv and neither of those compared overall.

Although I have only been there once this year sofar, WoA seems to have a better atmosphere overall. The lines are moving pretty good (one day they'll have X-flight working right) and the ride ops just seemed happier. I'm not a big waterpark person, but HM looked damn cool.

I think you should give WoA another chance. Go to a local Giant Eagle or drink some Coke and get discount tickets and go in with a clear head. Ride the Villain in the front and back. Ride Big Dipper in the middle row of the back car. Ride B:KF all day, and you have to hit Raging Wolf Bobs because the retracking difference is unbelieveable! X-Flight still has a slow moving line (damn Vekoma) but it is fun, and S:UE is always a good thrill. Just go, relax and have a good time. And don't press the park about them closing last year. The disclaimer on the back of the season pass covers them so your case is useless...just concider it past and let yourself enjoy the future flagship of Six Flags.

Sunday, June 15, 2003 11:18 AM
I had fun at WoA last year. I came into the park expecting bad times. We went twice, and all the coasters were operational, aside from a few minor breakdowns on Serial Thriller, X-Flight, and Superman. We got plenty of laps on all of them.

My low expectations vanished. The SLC and Boomerang were smooth, and the park's wood collection is great. Big Dipper is my favorite woodie in the state of Ohio, and Raging Wolf Bobs, though not exactly an airtime machine, gave some neat laterals. I really want to ride it now that it's been re-tracked,and has new trains. (Though admitedly, they are G-Trains, so I'm not expecting much. ;)) Double Loop was a great, smooth Arrow ride, much fun, and the crew was great. I didn't care much for X-Flight, but Batman more than made up for it. The greatest floorless ever. :)

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Monday, June 16, 2003 9:50 AM
Thanks again for all the responces. I went last night, and although there is still a lot of work to be done, I definately see an improvement. The biggest thing was that when I told them I couldn't make it into the park during the operating hours of the season pass center, a manager went and processed me pass for me right then and there.

The park definately is not as fun as Cedar Point, but being a third the distance from my house, I say it is not a bad value. Now if only they build that hyper...

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Monday, June 16, 2003 11:32 AM
I went the day after CoasterMania, and it was my first time at this park. I went in expecting the worst, and didn't get it. I will go ahead and say, there was hardly anyone in the park, so there were no crowds and no lines, but I really had a great time. Villain was simply incredible. I must have missed something before I went, but I wasn't expecting the awesomeness that I got from this ride. 14 rides on it including re-rides AFTER closing time, and I place this coaster right behind Raven and Legend as my third favorite wood. That carousell ran pretty fast too :)

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Monday, June 16, 2003 3:42 PM
Sam, it's well worth the effort, especially if the coasters are actually running ;-)

My last visit was not so great since the crowds were insane and every other coaster was down, but the visit before and most others were AWESOME!

The animal park is very cool also, if you are into that. I actually found myself spending about two hours over the the first time I visited.

Like most parks SFWOA has it's good days and bad days, but if you catch them on a good day it will be sweet. All the coasters are excellent, especially X-Flight and Batman.


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