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Thursday, July 26, 2001 11:43 AM
It's 9:00 am and it's already 74 degrees with 88% humidity. So with bath suit and towels in hand we jump in the car for our 1 1/2 hour drive in front of us. Needless to say, we never did get to the water park or the wild life side, oh well.

We entered the park at about 10:55 and they let people to the rides about 11:10. We went straight to X-Flight where we were escorted by a security guard who imformed the crowd that there would be "no running, pushing or shoving." Once we got to the queue area the security guard again informed everyone "no running, pushing, shoving or line jumping. If I see any of this happening I will throw you out of the park and I have no qualms about doing it" I was very impressed and everything moved quite smoothly and uneventful and we were off the ride by 11:30. The fact that the ride opened when the park did with a two train operation also impressed me. They also have a canopy now covering the entire queue area.

Crowds were low so waits were anywhere from 15 - 20 minutes, except Serial Thriller which was about 30 minutes and that was with two trains running. Batman was very quick and efficient with two trains running, as was Villain. All other coasters were a slow one train operation. Mind Bender was down all day. We had multiple rides on all the coasters throughout the day.

We were blessed with about 50 mintues of rain around 5 pm which cooled everything down and had some people leaving the park. After the rain stopped, we rode X-Flight once again with about a 1/2 hour wait. Superman was down, then up for about 15 minutes, then back down for the rest of the day.

Despite the many overflowing trash cans and the slow unenthusiastic ride-ops (except for one on Big Dipper). The food service people were very nice, the bathrooms (the few the have) were clean, and we had a pretty good time.
Christ how do you kids do it
Thursday, July 26, 2001 12:45 PM
What happened on X-Flight when you got there in the morning also happened when I went to the park in June last month.

Basiclly, we all ran round to X-Flight, and this employee said he was gonna open the gate soon and reminded us no Running or Pushing otherwise he would get us thrown out of the park(he really meant it too) when a fairly large crowd now appeared, he went to get a Securtiy Guard to control the crowd with him but couldnt find one. So he opened the gate himself, he lead us round to the entrance constantly reminding us, No Running or Pushing, He walked backwards round to the entrance so he could keep his eyes on us(This was such a lot safer as the day before I went, they was a Major Riot trying to get to the entrance) when we got to the entrance, he said to us that there would be No Line Jumping or skipping rails and if he saw anyone do it, he would report us to security.

So there, SFWOA can be a good park and at times have some good staff making sure everyone was safe walking round to X-Flight, Just a shame, it has to be every other day though it happens(One day it will be a Riot, One day it will be very safe) Also I am suprised at your comment on the food service people, I went in the Juke Box Cafe I think and service was terrible, they were slow, Food was'nt that warm, and the Girl on the Till didnt know what she was doing half the time, and only one till was open, Why not another??? Glad to hear you had a more pleasent experience though

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