SFoG / Wild Adventures - worth a road trip from Orlando?

So...... I don't get to come to the states often, but we're heading to FL for 3 weeks next october. We're wanting something new to do, so we figured on a road trip to SFoG and Wild Adventures...

Having never been to either, is it worth it? Currently planning to land at MCO, grab the hire car and head straight up to Atlanta, stopping for dinner along the way and just splatting overnight at a motel when i get too tired to drive, finishing the journey the next day... and then hitting Wild Adventures on the slower, more relaxed return journey that will also take us out past Okefenokee and down the East coast via Jacksonville before hanging a left at Titusville back to the Orlando area....

Thoughts and opinions welcome, wondering if it's worth the $$ for the gas, motels and admission...?

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SFOG is my favorite park in the chain, and one of my favorites in general. Lots to do. Coaster-wise, it has quantity and quality. Atlanta is a great city to spend some time in as well.

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I found SFoG worth the detour from I-95 when I headed home from Orlando to Virginia. This was 11 years ago, but I was really impressed with the park even though I was only there for about 5 hours.

One question though: wouldn't it save you some time and money to fly into ATL and rent a car there?

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SfoG is definitely worth the trip. Goliath and Mindbender alone is worth the 7 hour drive. Cheetah at Wild Adventures is temperamental. Hopefully you catch it on a good day. I think taking Turnpike into I-75 is a lot quicker than I-95. Methinks it saves you about an hour or so.

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If you're looking for something non-Florida to do for two days of your trip and you are really a park/coaster enthusiast, then yes, ABSOLUTELY! SFOG is a quality park worth spending a lot of time at. Wild Adventures is a nice stop along the way, but can easily be thoroughly experienced in 2-3 hours.

It may save time to fly into Atlanta, BUT those one-way car rentals can be very expensive (not always).

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Goliath and Mindbender are easily among the top-5 non-looping and looping coasters in the States, respectively. Missing them would be a real shame. I'd plan on hitting WA on either the drive up or drive down - even with Cheetah's refurb, there's little at the park to keep you there much more than 3 hours...

My idea would be to drive up I-75 and hit WA on the way up, then come back down I-95 if you want to see the Okeefenokee, etc. That way you get the much-better SF park later on (avoiding disappointment). But, you'll need to turn right onto I-4, or you'll end up in the ocean... ;)

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Sounds worth it then judging by the responses.... I did consider flying into Atlanta, but it is the killer car hire rates...

that said, i use a broker so i may drop them an email and see what they say....

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I am also a huge fan of Goliath oG, but didn't get that much out of Mindbender. Then again I also don't get that much out of Shockwave oT, so...

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Just so you stay out of trouble here in the States: "Hire" is a term we use for people, not objects. "Rental" is the word we use for inanimate objects. Just thought it might become an important distinction, before you try and "rent" someone inappropriately... ;)

LOL, I do love the English language(s)...all 17 of them!

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SFOG is on of my favorite parks. It would be worth the trip. I have never been to Wild adventure but do want to visit the park. I think the 2 of them together would make fora great vacation.

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I would really look at flying into Atlanta. Yes I know that one way car rentals are expensive, but you have to consider how much your vacation time is worth. By starting off in Atlanta, you will be saving 1 full day of vacation. For me that is worth the extra couple of hundred dollars that the one way rental will cost.

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Mind Bender.

Like many *old* coasters (that have pacing), may take a few times to LOVE (like I do), after all of the super aggressive element after element after element coasters we are used to lately. It's a very special ride, hope you enjoy!

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ApolloAndy said:
I am also a huge fan of Goliath oG, but didn't get that much out of Mindbender. Then again I also don't get that much out of Shockwave oT, so...

Bite your tongue, Philistine! Anton probably just choked on a weiner schnitzel in heaven..


As others have stated, SFOG is a solid park with a very decent lineup of coasters. IMO the only coaster there that absolutely sucks is Ninja.

Depending what you are into, Wild Adventures can vary with how much time you will need. If you are into coasters (obviously), flat rides, animals, and waterparks (which it's included with admission), then you could easily spend a day there.

Damn, I live in Sarasota Florida and now you have me itching to take a road trip up to Georgia!! :)

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I dug Ninja. Granted, I rode in the front seat so headbanging was minimal, but the layout is great and those first two inversions are pretty cool. I love that it's sort of a sit-down version of the typical SLC.

I think I'm pretty much convinced.... just gotta sort the travel details! My issue is one-way flights as well as one-way rental - for whatever reason a return trip from a single destination from the UK is the same cost as a one-way...

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^I actually really enjoyed Ninja on all my visits as well. And I found it to be less jarring in the back than the front! I totally get what you're saying with the SLC comparison. I really dig the mess of trackage and all the crazy headchoppers. Usually I prefer drops over non-stop inversions, but this ride pulls it off. One of the few Vekoma coasters I rather like.

Barry, check out round-trips into Tampa, FL as well and of course Atlanta. I'm trying to plan my Scandinavia flights for July and everything seems to be higher than it should be right now.

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You guys have me itching to go to SFoG as well. It's about an 8 hour drive. I haven't been there yet.

The off-season is coming to a close. :)

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Travis, even with your distaste for all things Six Flags, SFoG is in a totally different class. First off, if you stay at a hotel close, you can walk. If you do drive, there is cheaper parking outside the gate.

The park is beautiful. I went opening day last year and everyone was smiling and happy and friendly. The rides are great. The park is clean. The operations were fine. Granted, on opening day not every single coaster had all trains running, but it was still a wonderful day at the park.

SFoG is by far one of the finest parks in the country, I'd be bold enough to say.

Oh, and even the overpriced food isn't bad at the park. The BBQ Joint really was decent.

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