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Well, it looks like SF has compiled a list of parks getting new additions and New shows for the 2005 season..Unless I missed some info .. SFNO and SFAW will be getting NOTHING. I did hear info on several large parks like Chicago, New Jersey , San Fran, Mexico, Montreal, Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, St Louis, Lake George, Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, New England, and San Antonio, and Louisville. Looks like we have lost out for hope for 2005. We ought to be thankful though we have a Suessical Musical here at SFNO ..Way to go SFI..Just goes to prove that SFI can come into your community, Persuade the local Government to shut down any new economic development that might threaten their purse strings and leave your community with Nothing. This webcast has solidified this..Any Comments????

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Yes, calm down grasshopper. Two years ago your park got a B&M inverter, and Jester. Two coasters in one year. In time the park will add new attractions.

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Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

But...But...It was a Batman Clone and a Vekoma, Bull Guy! SFI really screws my home park every year. Oh, wait, thats right, my home park is Camden, and the last new coaster it did get has been SBNO for longer than it ran.

Boo Hoo. Be glad you have a Beemer in your state. If you're not happy, come live in West Virginia, you'll appreciate your parks more.

Any word on SFDL in that webcast?

But then again, what do I know?

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Oh, wait, thats right, my home park is Camden, and the last new coaster it did get has been SBNO for longer than it ran.

Sounds like Six Flags does own Camden, Tekno! ;)

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Where is this?? Where can I find this list?
The press release here says that 13 out the 18 domestic theme parks will be getting something new, plus Six Flags Mexico and La Ronde will get new rides.


The 18 parks are the 15 Six Flags branded theme parks in the U.S. plus Frontier City, The Great Escape and Enchanted Village.

In the conference call they say the following parks will get new attracions: SFGAm. - Hurrican Harbor; SFGAdv. - Kingda Ka and more; SFMW - new animal attractions; the other parks to get something new are SFSL, SFA, SFNE, SFOG, SFKK, SFEG, GE and EV. Six Flags Mexico is getting Superman hypercoaster and La Ronde is getting a new kiddie area (10 rides).

Also they say that SFOT, SFMM and SFFT get new shows.

Unless I can't add I only see 11 parks getting something, plus 3 parks getting new shows domestically. Then the other two international parks get something. So maybe there are two other parks that could be getting something that were not said during the conference call.

found this on the website...


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Maybe the reason why there is no new additions to SFNO and SFAW is because of a possible CF buy-out...

Something to think about!

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SFZIP said:

1) SFGAm. - Hurrican Harbor; 2) SFGAdv. - Kingda Ka and more; 3) SFMW - new animal attractions; the other parks to get something new are 4) SFSL, 5) SFA, 6) SFNE, 7) SFOG, 8) SFKK, 9) SFEG, 10) GE and 11) EV. 12) Six Flags Mexico is getting Superman hypercoaster and 13) La Ronde is getting a new kiddie area (10 rides).

Also they say that SFOT, SFMM and SFFT get new shows.

Unless I can't add I only see 11 parks getting something, plus 3 parks getting new shows domestically.

Looks like 13 parks to me! Great going Six Flags New Orleans with putting up the sign that we would get a new ride next year and cancelling that waterpark. Those morons have officially lost me as a customer.

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Razore86...consider this, SFAW is the ONLY SF park to move up in the ranking of the Top 50 amusement parks in North America based on attendance every year for the last three years despite not really getting that much over the last few years. They're still pulling in the people with little to no major capital investment. Also they've just recently repainted many of their major coasters/attractions. It would seem odd for a park doing so well, despite little capital investment, that recently spruced itself up to be sold off.

Then again, if you're going to sell your house, you do everything you can to make it as attractive to potential buyers as you can, so this could all just be a ploy...

As for selling SFNO...well, I've already expressed my opinions on that on another thread.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

Yeah!!! New kiddie rides at La Ronde! Before you ask "has he turned crazy?", keep in mind... since 1967... the original Arrow kiddie rides are still running. Since then, we got 2 new portable kiddie rides and a Zamperla Balloon Chase. Not much over 38 years!

Six Flags is doing a GREAT job with La Ronde. They adressed the need for family rides (Zamperla tea cups, flying carousel, Wild Mouse, Chance Morgan Carousel and Intamin Shoot the Chutes), thrill rides (Slingshot upcharge, Zamperla Discovery and Hawk 24) and finally... Vampire. Now they're taking care of kiddie rides.

So, how long until LaRonda gets Flagged? They already have their properly colored B&M Invetred which alreaty has a batty theme, they recently repainted the nearby stand-up to match another Gotham themed villian Stand-Up coaster in the chain...guess we'll have to see the theme they give to their kiddie area, but it seems that a transition to a SF park could happen real easily as it is with just some slight renameing.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

If I remember correctly the press release for the trimester before that... They mentionned that La Ronde will get a HUGE capital investment in 2006.The park GM mentioned to a few fans that the hyper coaster was coming eventually.

Regarding the Cobra and Vampire (Stand-up and Inverted), you're right, change the signs and names on those, add theming and you got a Gotham City... They even have a joker painted on the Vertigo (Zamperla Hawk 24).

Apparently ya'll don't get the Jest of our complaints...Six Flags PURPOSELY worked together with our ignorant City Council for the Sole intention of Greed...to shut down a nearby waterpark attraction knowing full well that they would not add anything for 2005..I mostly blame the council for working with Terry Prather ( A Crony) of the council. I wonder how much money changed hands in that deal?? We don't have a SF park here in N.O. all we have is a group of people so caught up in trying to fill their pockets and control the suburban area that is not even funny..I now believe Terry Prather purposely put that sign up about new additions to ploy unknowing people to renew their Season Passes knowing well we would get nothing!!! After several attempts at contact he refuses to reply, Imagine that!!. The City council all now look like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand hoping this will blow over quickly...I guess this is the way SF runs their business. Any body in the Business for a Cutthroat GM ..Ours can probably be bought Cheap....Until we get rid of him New Orleans will continue to go belly up,,Just remember he was also the GM for the failed Jazzland Park so he has a good resume for Failure....

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I would not be too hard on your GM.

SF's has a very good history of yanking rides from a park at the last minute. He sincerely may have thought a new ride was comming.

Mr. Freeze in Dallas was originally comming to AW, then at the last minute it was diverted to Dallas.

Most likely he was surprised as well.

AS far as not aswering your email, well I have found that to be pretty common in the SF family.

I have wrote and called the corporate office 4 times with problems and never once did I get a responce. It's no secrect that SF's has it's unique way with it's handling of customer service, and it's not a good thing! Getting better...but still not good.

So, CrazyB, how long have you worked for the company that wanted to build the "shafted" water park?

A day at the park is what you make it!

Personnally, I think we're gonna get something like SFGRAM, a themed kiddy area with a few kiddie rides and family rides and two/three "teen" attractions. It would be great to see a new, intense, small coaster (We already have a wild mouse), so maybe sumthing along the lines of Frequent Faller or Screaming Squirrel. Maybe I'm justd reraming tho, id also liek to see an amazing flat (Top scan).
I can see where he's coming from to an extent....I'd like nothing more at this point than to see a new coaster pop up at my home park in 05 but of course that won't happen this year(better luck in 07) but I'm somewhat pleased to see that SFA's waterpark will get a much needed facelift.

In CrazB's case he's complaining of a waterpark project that was proposed & then later removed because SFI had decided to put their capital elsewhere for the upcoming season....I think that SFI's 05 plans chainwide are well balanced this time around compared to in years past with 13 out of 18 markets getting a little something new for the season,last time we saw SF do this much with their cap ex budget was in 01 when they had that huge coaster building spree.

CrazyB: I know how frustrating things can seem having an SF park in the area with what seems like their sometimes hollow promises for improvements & new stuff,I felt exactly like you do today when back in 02 it was announced that not many parks in the chain would recieve cap ex funding(new rides) & mine was one of them after coming off a 3 year building boom to flag the park,for SFNO it's a little bit different because unlike SFA SFNO was branded at a time when SFI wasn't as financially stable as they were back in 98/99 when SFA was branded & I'm sure that SFNO had legitimate plans for an 05 addition at one time but corporate changed their minds at the last minute which is why the sign in the park touting new attractions was removed.

It's no secret that SFI has a nasty little habit of relocating rides at the last minute....heck it happened to us when our proposed floorless ended up at SFNE for 02 instead.

Bottom line is that just because 05 may seem like a disappointment for your park there's always 06 to look forward to.

Coasterguts, For your info. I don't work for the Zephyrs Baseball team whose waterpark was part of their Operations nor do I have any affiliation with the park.. I was raised in the suburb area (different Parish/County) that the proposed waterpark would have been located ..and over the years have watched N.O. try to stifle growth in the suburbs to force people to stay in the N.O metro Area..That has not happened, the City is loosing residents daily..It is just ashamed that SFI saw a way to enhance its stance with N.O. by teaming up with them to kill projects that are not even in the same Parish/County as the Park for their gain. I really can't blame SFI totally for making a financial decision (bean counters probably had a lot to do with it) for the No new additions . But I do blame Terry Prather the GM knew Who, How and When to contact the City Council to kill the proposed waterpark Plans.. I guess we will have to wait for 2006, maybe by then we will have a different GM..

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