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You didn't just 'see this' on another forum.

A) This is the second time you've quoted that on Buzz in the last couple months. I tried to find your other post from a few weeks back but couldn't. Did you just copy/paste? It was word for word.

B) I posted that. HERE. In the original thread I think.

Why do you constantly keep bringing this exact post up every few weeks? Do you honestly think no one remembers?

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Tekwardo said:

Why do you constantly keep bringing this exact post up every few weeks?

Because Timber-Rider hasn't complained about Michigan's Adventure not getting a new ride for a couple of days now??

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birdhombre said:


(Defiantly) "DUCK SEASON!"

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Raven-Phile said:

I came in here for an argument.

Oh, I'm sorry. This is abuse. You want room 12A.


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Given the progression of this thread, I'm expecting it to be shut down shortly by Inspector Fox of the Light Entertainment Police, Comedy Division, Special Flying Squad.

For those people wondering what Josh started. 

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I want to know why, located mid-Timbers, there isn't a hotel...or Maverick...or burrito stand.

Brrrr...It's cold outsi...no...wait...now it's hot. I think I need to change to more tropical clothing.

Wait, no, if changing to tropical clothing were such a good idea, I'd have done it already.

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sws said:

An argument is an intellectual process, while contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.

No it isn't!

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There were plans for a hotel before Burke and Co. got ousted a few years ago.....right in the parking lot (which looks like crap nowadays......trip report to forthcoming) I think it could work, its just that they would have to find a way to attract guests year round (indoor water park / convention center / concert hall / Casino)

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