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Not sure if it's been noted - I know Deja Vu is out - but I just checked the SFGRam website - and there is no mention of the Bugs Buggy National Park and/or rides in there.

With Vu and the Park (which were right next to each other) gone, could be a nice land area for something new. Anyone heard anything???

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Nothing is going in there this year.

Indoor Ragin Cajun is going over where Theater Royale was.

When we get our next coaster in 2015 they may use that space. Maybe a 3rd mouse?

I sense a bitter local. :)
Just because the Bugs Bunny area isn't listed, doesn't mean it won't be there. Triple Play is not listed, and I asked them, and said it will be operating next year. I also asked them about the Lazy River in the waterpark, and they said it's still going to be there. That's not listed on there website.

The only rides that won't be operating next year for sure are: Space Shuttle America, Deja Vu, and Splash Water Falls. I'm guessing that Trailblazer will still not be fixed, and they will probably do nothing with it. Theatre Royale won't have shows in it either.

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I highly doubt that the Bugs Bunny area is going anywhere. Six Flags is focusing on more family fun and appealing more to the toddler and young child set, so I don't see them removing a kids area, especially for something that would require a huge capital hit to build.

Certain victory.

I thought it was strange too since the whole new SF idea is to focus on families - they do list Camp Cartoon Network though - that's why I thought it was odd.

Spinout: If I am not mistaken, the entire Trailblazer ride was removed already -

^The back structure that holds the ride is still there. The arm that was attached to the wagon is gone.
No, first we will get a completely refurbished and new system, etc. for the Whizzer.

Then they're gonna rehab Eagle, similar, make it better than ever.

Demon will get some new transitions and new lap bar only trains.

Then we will get our Tidal Wave back....

Then the new coaster.

Then I woke up.


^You forgot the part in your dream where Marriott bought the park back. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

^oooh no! But not too far off. Offspring from Holidayworld and X owners of Kennywood took it over ;)
Kevin Max...

Your last sentence is amazing.

If you think things can't get worse it's probably because you lack sufficient imagination.

^Amazing as in what?

That another person thinks the Chicago park is doomed from new thrilling coasters?

If you guys can't accept what Shapiro is doing right now, then by all means, don't visit the park. The family aspect is in full swing right now to balance out these parks. I am more then willing to be patient and see what happens in the future.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I didn't mean the context. I meant the sarcasm.
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If you think things can't get worse it's probably because you lack sufficient imagination.

I say bring on a nice 200' launch coaster - ala Xcelerator - Launch coasters ROCK my world (love TTD) - I know about the height restrictions around GRam so 200' or so works for me :)

I know they can be maintenance nightmares, much like DV, but you don't hear about Xcelerator being down much.

Anyway, just a thought and a dream....

Family aspect of the Six Flags parks! "Mommy, why are they gettin on now!?" ... "Because, honey, they have more money than we do." Still makes me very sick just to think they would even offer such a thing.

Now if it was like 5x as expensive, and the money went to a good cause, then we might be able to talk about it.

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Haha - Nice point J7G3...

I wouldn't reference the SixFlags website SO literally... goofs sometimes happen. We're ALL human - remember? But, some of us are just... better :)


Re ^

"All animals are equal. But some are more equal than others".

A quote from a book I'm sure rollergator and Lord Gonchar have read thoroughly. ;)
lata, jeremy
-Merry Christmas y'all!

PlaceHolder for Castor & Pollux

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Four legs good, two legs bad....

Still wondering why jeremy is using y'all...too much Paula Deen perhaps? :)

P.S. For good reading right now, I have to recommend "I am America (and so can you!)." I am Stephen Colbert's second-biggest fan. That's as far as you can go...Stephen is the master of his own fan-dom. ;)

There goes my respect for Rollergator. It was already dwindling after he said he'd rather the Magic get Rasheed than IoA get DV in an earlier thread.
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^What on Earth gave you reason to respect me in the first place?

Respecting Stephen, OTOH, is NOT optional. MSN tells you to, in their "11 most-influential men of '07": http://men.msn.com/staticslideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=5864039&imageindex=11

BTW, we apparently have no use for Rasheed anymore...who expected Dwight Howard to become "the next Shaquille" overnight?

On the other hand, IoA would do equally well with a Stingray as a DV....one capacity nightmare in a mega-park is as good as any other, LOL.
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