SF Amuses me with its naming conventions

Digging through the announcements Jeff posted revealed:

CYBORG spin (SFGAdv) a triple axis "oribital trainer" type ride. Which is the same ride as:
Harley Quinn Spinsanity (SFoT). But not to be confused with:
Harley Quinn Spinsanity (SFNE). Which is a pendulum "Frisbee" type ride identical to:
CraZanity (SFMM) because...inner caps are cool?

Not to mention Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster (SFDK) the "World's First Dueling Looping Coaster" which sorta duels, definitely loops....but isnt a coaster (/removes coastertool hat).

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Yeah, every one of their names is ridiculous to me. CraZanity reminds me of something a late-night infomercial host would shout while the same word flashes in a ridiculous bubble on the screen.


And if I'm not mistaken, the Harley Quinn Spinsanity name was already previously used at SFoT in 2016 on a Huss Troika. Perhaps we will have two rides in the park with the same name? :)

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Yeah, but...Zamperla Discoveries!!! (Best version of the frisbee)

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RayP - You're right! The name is being used in SFoT. Maybe this new ride is going in the Troika's place. The announcement page says "A new twist on Harley Quinn" (emphasis added).

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The troika is at the front of the Gotham section and the new ride is going behind Catwoman Whip and next to The Joker. I think they'll just change the name of the troika. There's not much to the theme, so they can easily change the signage.

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I think the names are about on par with many of the recent DC movies. That is to say, not very good.

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I don't understand why SFoT chose to reuse a name of an existing ride. Sure, it's not a huge amount of work to rename an existing ride, but it's even less work to not. Why not just call it Cyborg spin like SFGAdv.'s and be done with it?

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Perhaps when you're working with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, on behalf of DC Entertainment, you have to obey the corporate dictates. (Though I continue to not get the appeal of Harley Quinn.)

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Harley Quinn was the best thing about Suicide Squad.

Which is akin to saying the loop was the best thing about Son of Beast.

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The names definitely seem worse when announced one after the other in the same video.

Props to their CEO for getting in on the fun again. His accent is incredibly confusing, he's a differemt nationality each sentence.

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@Rick_UK: Maybe he's doing an accent for each of the "Six Flags" from over Georgia and over Texas. :)

For the record, I liked Harley Quinn from the Animated series, but really got to love the character in the Batman Arkham XXX games. Crazy girl = hot in the way that they play up the "bad boy" image, at least to me.

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Sorry, I just can't forgive the dad jeans.
I. Just. Can't.

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That … and the fake tatoos.

Sfne did the same thing this season when they added the joker coaster and renamed their other joker ride to kryptonite.
I don't get caught up in the name of rides as long as the ride is good. Actually i believe disney started naming their rides the same at their parks before any of the other corporate parks did. I'm not a disney fan but don't they all have a space mountain, big thunder railway, pirates of the Caribbean, or some variation of those names?

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^ @gamerguy That's true, but the key distinction I would make is that other 'Disneyland' style parks (Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Parc, Tokyo Disneyland etc) have attempted to recreate the original Anaheim park and put their own spin on it around those anchor attractions that you referenced. A Space Mountain ride is almost synonymous with a Disney park.

Only in the much newer parks are they moving away from these rides more substantially.

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Nothing to see here. Move along.

I really have no problems with the names, if you have the rights to DC, which is hugely popular, why not use it. I think CraZanity is kinda cute. ANd yEs, iNNer caPs are coOl theSe daYs :-)

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Kevin Smith is *so* cool, he names his daughter Harley Quinn, and the next thing you know, it's the new "Jane Doe."

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All of the superhero theming at the Six Flags parks is usually poorly done, non-creative and just another low quality thing that chain does. It's OK if its in a Gotham City, etc section, but at several of their parks the attractions that are lazily named after superheros are in a themed section that has nothing to do with it. Great American is a great example. Six Flags is absolutely the bottom feeder of park chains.

It's as bad as when Paramount desecrated the Taft parks with all of their cheesy movie themed attractions that had nothing to do with the themed areas. But at least that time has past and Cedar Fair is doing a better job at theming rides according to where they are located in the parks.

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Cedar Fair is really a bad example. They name a ride Log Flume 2 and put it some place, of course it fits as it has no theme.

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