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We may pick up that pass this fall for BG-T & SW-O in January 2020, but I’m debating putting that on hold for a bit too since RMC Gwazi is supposed to open sometime in 2020.

But then again, what do I know?

The pass I bought during the Labor Day sale was good for the rest of 2018 and goes all of the way through 2019 (16 months). It's not a 12 month membership. Not sure if the 2020 pass will work like that since they changed the other parks to memberships. But if it stays the same, all of 2020 will be covered for a much lower price, about $80 less than the way they sell it now.

looking at going to six flags st. louis and six flags great america. Looks like a diamond pass will save us some money. We live close to Magic Waters so maybe a diamond elite pass is in order.

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I declined to renew my Sea World membership yesterday because they are not selling Fun Cards this early in the year. The lady at the hotel park ticket center said it's possible they will not sell them again. The cheapest they offered was $140-ish with blackout dates, which just doesn't work for me. I'll keep an eye out for them in February.

As I said in another thread, my Sea World Florida season pass has been a ridiculously good deal. With my ACE discount (membership in the club gets you access to Tickets At Work, where I found the deal), I got a pass that also includes admission to Busch Gardens Tampa. This was right before the new "tiered" system- I got what's equivalent to a Silver- for less than $200. That includes free parking, free Sky Tower rides, free "bring a friend" tickets, discounts on food and merchandise, and other perks (each visit in January got me a free beer). It's an easy park, too. Crowds are always manageable, and the parking situation is great. Every space is within walking distance of the main gate, unlike the Universal and Disney parks that require escalators/moving walkways and trams, respectively.

The Fun Spot pass is also a good deal if you want to pop in for a few rides. It doesn't take long to break even, and those are enjoyable places for quick visits. The thing is, I think Fun Spot only sells season passes for a limited time, and that limited time might be over. I tried to purchase one last summer and was told I had to wait until Black Friday (which I did).

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Just FYI, Great Ohio Coaster Club members also have access to Tickets at Work. They have some amazing deals on there.

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Sesame Place is offering its 2020 Platinum pass now which is good for the rest of this year and until Jan 3, 2021 for $175. This season pass does NOT need to be processed at Sesame Place, first. It includes admission and preferred parking to all of the SeaWorld owned properties. You may NOT live in Virginia, Florida, Texas or California.

My Universal Orlando renewal is not until Oct 2020 (april 2019 renewal for 18 months)

Was thinking of the platinum Sesame place annual passes but two years ago for black friday they offered by one get one passes to Seaworld anyone heard what the Black Friday deals are yet?

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