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Don't know if these are new or not thought i would pass along if a repost I'll delete thread. *** Edited 3/9/2005 3:42:48 PM UTC by supermandl***

Army Rangers lead the way
Those are some seriously nice looking screenshots. This looks like a truely great expansion pack for a very mediocre game. In a couple more years there might actually be a processor/Graphic card combination powerful enought to run the game with a realistic sized park. Or maybe Frontier actually optimized the game code for this expansion. Nah that would make too much sense. Who needs performance when you can squirt the peeps with a water canon.

Only a couple of them at the top are new, the others look like I've seen them already.

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Those are definately new.

I like how the theming can go underwater now as well? You an have a coral reef & underwater life... that's just strange.

...all of the screens scream of a really nice looking game.
...the only thing I hope is that it'll run smooth... especially those underwater ones., it gets me drooling. Please don't screw it up!

The only way that I would ever get this is if they come out with a fix that will make the game work on my system. I mean, I can get the graphic hungry Doom 3 to work perfectly, but this game only gives me 5fps. That is truly sad so why spend more money?
As with so many others, this game doesn't work smoothly on my computer.

Just wait until Frontier finds this out where it counts- their bank account.

The idea is that if the game runs like crap for so many, how many will shell out extra money for an expansion? Not very many.

People bought the game with hopes that it might work on their computer- they will not make the same mistake twice.

Looks beautiful though- but not worth any more of my money until it runs nicely.

I dunno, Not sure whether its worth it or not, I like the shots, but the game runs like crap. I can run it, barely, lol. I still need to know more...otherwise it might be a while before buying
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Downhill Screamer said:
Those are some seriously nice looking screenshots.
That's what I think of the released game whenever you "play" it! Screenshots!

More lighting effects... I'm sure that's just what the game needs to improve performance.

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Those graphics are amazing.... then again they're not moving either ;)

i'm not sure what to put here..

Hmm, expanded river rapid rivers.....

Pardon our dust...Signature is building for your future enjoyment!

I wasn't here for all of the chaos when Roller Coaster Tycoon came out, but is the general consensus that no one can really play it? I mean did anyone here get it so that it gets solid number of fps? Is trying to get that game to run a hopeless cause? And don't try and direct me to their forum either because none of that stuff works.
Basiclly they made the game to advanced for todays computers. Even the best gameing computers still have trouble running the game.

i'm not sure what to put here..

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I don't think it's a matter of it being too advanced... I think it's just not well written.

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No it needs more peeps deciding weather or not they're going to piss in the water. Who knows. Maybe one day they might waste FPS to have your peeps get sprayed with shavings. Then decide to hire lawyers and sue your ass. How about crappy employees? Can you decide to pull hobos off the street and fix your coasters? Wait, line jumpers! If they want it really realistic they have to include some line jumpers. I know what else! Smokers. Every park has line smokers. Fires that destroy your coaster cars! Genius! Wait coasters that close every Wednesday. I should work for Frontier! Don't forget park buyouts where your free coupons aren't accepted. The kids can decide weather or not to cry! It's missing some terrible woodies that in five years require a waiver to sign and half a dozen tylenols afterwards. Coaster enthusiast clubs! That's what it's missing! Fat Acer's in cutoff tanktops! They try to fix their lapbars for more airtime. Then fly out and die! (joking for all of the acers's that are to complain. Only some do that ;)) Wait, coaster enthusiast sites, that spread false rumors about your park and claim to know what you're building next! How about lemon chill guys! Except Dippin Dots to avoid copyright! I don't know, maybe NASA's computers will be able to run it. Just as least there is less than 50 guests...

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I play it, and I still play it regularly...

...I thourally enjoy the game, and have no problem with it. I don't like how it starts to chug when there's a lot more going on the screen, but I just try to keep my parks a little smaller.

...the game is very much playable, you just need a decent system, and don't over-clog it with a crap load of theming if you're going to make a big park. The expansion park may address some of these problems, but I bet it'll never be perfect unless they rewrite it from the ground up.

I disagree Dawg, part of the fun is making realistic parks, and you can't make anything halfway realistic without the game slowing down to a crawl. Add on the many bugs we had to endure, and still do, the stupid peep system, and the fact the game just doesn't have the same feel RCT1 and 2 gave, I stopped playing after the first week, tried playing a couple other times, and still did not like it (after all the patches even), and couldn't stand the performance issues.

I'm not looking forward to the expansion at all, because it appears Frontier isn't addressing the real issues (performance), only the wish lists.

Funny thnig is I brought out RCT2, minus the dumb expansions, and had a good time with it, still as addicting and fun as ever.

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Besides the performance issues... what bugs are there really in the game now [after the patches]? Once you know what goes where & how it works... what true bugs in the gameplay are still existant?

If you don't ride the rides & don't use night-mode, a decent 3.0ghz or better system should work just fine with SOME choppiness, but not enough to really make it unplayable or unenjoyable.

Thats what I (personally) think about RCT3. Its not as addicting as the first two. But thats just me.

i'm not sure what to put here..

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What percentage of people have a 3 GHz+ CPU? That's an insane and unrealistic requirement.

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Most users I'm guessing have at least a 1.8 Ghz to possibly 3 Ghz system, with most users having at least 512 MB of RAM, and should include a vid card. That would be the minimum these days. The game isn't well written I must agree, yet I know I do play and still find it fun, yet sometimes frustrating as well. I want to know if they address any performance issues. ;)

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