Scoring Game- Where's Jeff?

I noticed Jeff, the eternal number one place holder, is now absent altogether from the Scoring Game Top 25. What gives? hmmmmmm.....

Maybe once you reach 1 billion points you're automatically retired.
Maybe there's been foul play and through some insidious plot Gonch has found a way to position himself as new number one.

Even though the new ranking puts me even closer to top ten status, I'm still worried something may have happened to our Jeff. Gonch? Do you have something you need to say?


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Did Gonch use his witchcraft again?

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It's pretty stupid for me to be on that list since I contribute 80% of the news from all time, so I removed myself.

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I thought all of Jeff's points came from his "brother" borrowing his phone, loging on to coaster buzz, and voting up every one of his posts.


Dale from Dayton

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Facts from the site owner are fine, but nefarious plots to become Number One in the Coasterbuzz Scoring Game are so much more fun to imagine :-)

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I always thought that Jeff deserved to be number one! How many points should one get for creating the website and writing all that code?

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I dream of a day when I can surpass my arch-nemesis, Tekwardo, in the scoring game. Right now he is number 12 and I am number 14. I'll get you, someday. (Evil laugh...)

Kidding aside, I love to Vote up posts. I do it a lot. It's my way of saying either, "Me too," "Thanks for mentioning me in a post," and/or "I respect what you are saying." I don't necessarily have to agree with a post to give it a Vote up.

It's a great feature to allow people to show support for what someone else has written.

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RCMAC said:

Even though the new ranking puts me even closer to top ten status...

You were one point away.

I went and found a couple of your posts that I hadn't liked yet.

You're top 10 now. :)

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Hey now. That's cheating. :)

The first thing RCMAC said to me when he met me at Banshee Media Day was thanks you for all the Vote ups. That's while he was giving me a great big sincere hug. lol

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Aw, shucks, guys. Now I don't know how I'm ever going to choose between the two of you...

P.S. Now, please don't think for even a teensy weensy second this whole thing might've, just maybe, been an insidious plot on my part to get myself into the top ten. Because, well,... That couldn't be further from the truth...

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I find it a little weird that y'all even keep track of the top 10. I marginally keep track of which of my posts get +1'd just so I can go find which of my posts were in threads I cared about (or if a joke I made actually landed), but I couldn't tell you a thing about where I fall in the top N.

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That makes you a double hipster enthusiast. You win.

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Walt Schmidt - Co-Publisher, PointBuzz

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Ugh... thanks for that. Creepy bastards.

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CedarPointNut writes songs for The Wiggles now?

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How do you get points for the scoring game?

You did, about an hour ago!

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To get points for the game, you need to make thoughtful, insightful posts that make readers hit the Vote up thingie at the bottom of your post. If that doesn't seem to be working for you, just post a funny one-liner, pun, or write a haiku. That seems to work too.

Also, submitting stuff like news stories gets you points, but you have to do it the right way.

Yep. It's that easy. :)

Dear Gonch.

Surely you noticed me sitting two tables away from you at the Ponderosa the other night. And I was right behind you at the midnight screening of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And on Sunday morning didn't you see the person right behind you in every aisle of the Odd Lots? Why do you ignore me?

You guys at the top of the list make terrible celebrities. I just want to talk. But thank you for the nice response (finally) to my daily, multiple emails.


p.s. I am a boy.
p.p.s. What does cease and desist mean?

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