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I don't know where else to put this, and I've tried emailing you once and I don't think it got to you.

Okay, Jeff, I was at the T.G.I.Fridays at the Hotel Breakers Sunday morning, eating breakfast before a wonderful day at the park. While I was waiting in line for the buffet, I saw a man that looked just like you, and I was thinking, "Oh, that's gotta be him." But I didn't wanna say anything in case it wasn't you. Then, I saw a large group of people sitting at a table, and the man that looked like you was sitting with his arm around a woman that looked just like the picture of your wife that I saw. I then asked my waitress if she knew who the party over at that table was, and she said, "Coaster enthusiasts." I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together and decided that that was you, except I was too shy to come over and say something. So was that you?

Also, were you at the park on 9/14/02, and sat in the back row on the yellow train of Millennium Force? If that was you too, then I was sitting next to you!

I am a boy.

Nobody ever writes about James K sightings.

I am sad.

Do the Moo Shoo!

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Are you stalking me?

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