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Raven Maven said:
Yeah, but you're more responsive to chain pulling.

That's what she said.

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Ugh, you had to go there. Now you'll really be on Paula's naughty list.

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I can't help it. It's Thursday. The Office is on. It just happens.

At least I skipped the "German Sausage" jokes. :)

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Um, Gonch ... I was referring to an old-fashioned pull-chain toilet.

Potty mouth, indeed ...

Paula Werne
Holiday World yet another thread goes straight down the crapper...

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I'm flushed with shame...

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That was a tidy end to a bowl of fun.

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I'm pooped from reading all these silly puns. Seriously, it's quite draining.

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Ummm. Turd.

Puns are hard.

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Haikus on comeback
Don't let puns take over 'Buzz.
Huh huh, he said "Turd".

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Andy is so spoiled.
Never had to stay in lodge.
Ten minutes away.

This Andy lives close to park ------->
not that one up there ^

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I believe you may be the poster ever to edit his own haiku by adding a second. Nicely done.

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