Rodeo rides?

At Six Flags in Maryland, they had a great spin n spew ride that I think was called Rodeo. It felt like one of the most dizzying, fastest spinners I'd ever been on, and I really liked it. Does anyone know who made it, and/or where others like it might be located?

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Hi, Bunky. That's a Huss Breakdance. Go to You Tube and search Breakdance and there's no end of vids. One of the best is Bonner's Breakdance no.2, which travels the European circuit. It's a beautiful ride, each car is painted artistically with no two alike. There's another one called Happy Traveler that has great decor.

Here in the US you'll find a few themed rides like the one in MD at various Six Flags. I know Texas has one and maybe Chicago. They're kind of lame tho and have a no single rider policy. One of my favorites was the one at Kentucky Kingdom. I don't know if it's sitting there rotting away or not. Astroland at Coney had a great one.

There's a few models traveling the US as well, many are known by the name Crazy Dance and may be different manufacturer. I recently rode one at the Florida State Fair that was called Twister. It's played here in Ohio, too. It's early and I can't remember who owns it...

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Great Adventure had one by Rolling Thunder for a long time - here's a cool little site with info, pics, etc:

Really solid rides - I never thought the SFKK one ran too hard...but the indoor one called WipeOut at Santa Cruz Boardwalk is fabulous!

Thank you both for the info. Pretty sure Crazy Dance is a different ride, although very very similar. Crazy Dance has an elevated, tilted platform underneath and from what I recall, doesn't seem to spin as much. I don't know if the guy at Six Flags was just running Rodeo extremely fast, if that particular Rodeo is set at higher RPM's, or it just affected me more since I had been driving and riding coasters all day, but I have not experienced that level of flat ride fun since that trip.

Of course, I'll keep trying though.

On further investigation, Crazy Dance is the same ride, but a variant of said ride. Ocean City, MD has a Crazy Dance that I've been on.

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And there ya go. The Breakdance ride has been out long enough that knockoffs have had plenty of time to surface. And what's in a name? A park or showman can customize, theme, and name their ride whatever they want, barring any copyright.

You can look to Huss themselves for variations on their own ride, offering customers choices in size, flash, and price. The original had the raked platform and sweeps extending from hubs on the platform. A later version had more of a cone shaped platform, no pitch from front to back and no backdrop. Your Rodeo and my Breakdance at KK come to mind as one of those models. Then a further alteration got rid of the large platform all together and had four smaller "floating" platforms, each holding a group of four cars. Santa Cruz's ride that 'Gator referenced is that style, as is the ride at Cal. Great America, Hard Rock/Freestyle Park, and Adventureland in Iowa. (which may have single handedly saved my day there. It was oddly placed, under roof as part of an indoor arcade, I almost missed it. It ran better than any of their other old flats and I rode it over and over.)

If you want a really wild Breakdance type experience, try a Mondial Shake. It's similar in concept, but the cars not only spin but flip over as well. There's one that tours the U.S. under the name Magnum, owned by Wood Entertainment. It plays the larger state and county fairs as an independent. I was never there but I believe SF NOLA had one, themed to Catwoman or something. It's one of my all time favorites.

^^ I saw the Shake ride when looking for more Break Dance info, and the Shake looks like so much fun!!

I miss Kaos/Chaos at Hershey as well. Stupid water park getting rid of so many awesome flats (loved the covered wagon too).

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Well, don't blame the water park for Chaos' demise. Most parks removed theirs after a bad accident at Michigan's Adventure. Too bad, too, it was a fun ride and one of Chance's most prolific.
Oh, I loved me some Conestoga at Hershey! I'd almost forgotten about it. It was a Huss Rainbow with a different gondola and it went nice and fast. So much fun.

^What happened after that? Didn't they find the problem or a new fix and make them safer? Or are they no more due to word of mouth? Didn't Cedar Point have one for a while?

You'd think the industry would forgive one freak accident, right? But I believe there's very few left if any. I've seen a portable or two out there still. Does Circus Circus still have there's? Maybe there was a problem with the restraints. (at MA the last two riders were trapped in their car, on the ground, for something like nine hours.)

Cedar Point had one, they were one of the last hold outs. After operating the ride with a retro fit manual restraint release for a couple of seasons (which KILLED capacity, especially with only 1 ride op) they finally removed it. A third 3 point challenge game went in its place.

Yeah, what happened on Khaos (or however it was spelled)? I didn't know anything about an accident on one until after Hershey removed theirs.

RCMAC, I LOVED Conestoga! As a girl I was afraid to ride it, and long after I started riding coasters, it was still a hold-out for me. Then one day there was nothing left to ride in the park that I hadn't ridden already, so I sucked it up and rode it. I had SO much fun, and you wanna talk about airtime?! That thing was so fast, and the restraints were so ridiculously ineffective that you would just get launched out of your seat. I wish Hershey would have held onto Conestoga and gotten rid of their poorly run and underwhelming Pirat.

I miss good flat rides. I know we've had this discussion before, but between Iceberg (Meteorite in its redo), the unneutered Apollo, the Conestoga, Khaos, and others, there were some awesome rides that had nothing to do with coasters and were just as fun, plus they nicely rounded out the parks. Timber Rider, I'm all for you guys taking Stinger and Dorney getting the flyers. How about it?

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The Chaos rides looked cool, but for some reason, I couldn't ever ride them without losing my lunch. I think it's the facing outward and the directing of the flip when it was in it's upright position...

Conestoga was awesome. It seemed so high, probably due to the roof over the ride vehicle. Why don't more parks have rides like that?

^^ I didn't mean to vote that up. I do not enjoy ride accidents. Stupid smart phone lagged and I clicked wrong thing.

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Travis, that's what I'm saying! I like the Frisbees and Musik Expresses, but some of those flat rides were out of this world! And they seemed very inventive. I love good flats almost as much as coasters...
Darien Lake had a small Enterprise that felt like it went twice as fast as the one at Dorney, and they also had an Apollo type ride that just FLEW. I don't even know if they are still there, but I still think about them, and I haven't been there since...1993, I think it was.

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I liked Conestoga, but I rode it twice in a row once. Mistake. I spent the next 10 minutes on a nearby bench staring at the ground afraid I'd hurl if I moved so much as a pinky toe.

I rode Rodeo Saturday in MD. I love the ride, but it felt like it had been tamed a notch, and the cycle was shorter. As mentioned above, there was one at GA, but I believe it was removed when Viper was. Considering what's in the space now, I'll take that trade-off. I rode a Breakdance at SFKK, but the best, and most vicious (in a good way) ..was the one at Coney's Astroland, sadly gone. Nearly a ten minute cycle, and tons of bucking action..I lost all my change, which normally only happens on coasters.

Not here much, since my home comp has gone on the fritz and I have no clue how to get it back on-line.

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Conestoga ran like a *beast* at Lake Winnie after leaving Hershey - no idea if it's still there...

The last few Chaos rides that I knew of were at SFFT, VF!, and AdventureDome...

Mike,- the ride from your park lives on at SFoT as Rodeo. I rode it last season and it was kind of lame. You're right about Astroland's ride, omg was it fun. The ride ops at Astroland were pros and took a lot of pride in their ability to really rock a ride. Anyone here ever try their Top Spin? Best ever. (*urp*)

Gator, - I'm pretty sure The Chaos rides at Valleyfair and Fiesta Texas are gone now. Vegas may be the last one that I know of. (certainly enough risk-takers there, right?)

I'm really surprised the rides were completely disbanded after one accident. I wonder if they couldn't find what caused the accident (which would surprise me), or if the cost to fix the rides were not worth it compared to ride attendance.

Mike, I'm surprised the Rodeo wasn't running that great for you. That sucks. It was my favorite flat in years. I'll stick to my local Scrambler, I guess.

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I remember really liking this ride, although I don't know if the one I rode at SFNE was the knockoff or not. I don't know what ever happened to that ride, now it's just an empty concrete pad.

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