"Rockit" New at USF!


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Looks good to me.

We should finally be getting back to Universal in 2009. :)

Is that a Maurer X-Car?

Edit: Yeah, pretty sure it is... http://rcdb.com/ig2926.htm?picture=11

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^ I don't think it's worth our time to try to judge the coaster type from the artists drawings. Will the coaster really be traveling at a 90 degree bank as depicted in the drawings? Probably not.

Maybe this outburst is my inner-being breaking out, hoping desperately that they don't install a Maurer Söhne.

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Well Crimony! does that mean no coaster for IOA's Potterland?

Forgive me, my Mom always said ungratefulness is worse than witchcraft. Rockit sounds neat!

I don't know if this ride is going to be great or not, but it sounds like they are just trying to one up Disney. They even call it Rockit in which Disney has two rides that had a similar name like that. One of them is obvious, and that's Rock N Rollercoaster (which is what this ride looks to be competing with Disney), and the other one is Rockit Mountain at Disneyland for Space Mountain.

Well, the rumor is that Disney's Hollywood Studio (MGM) is going to put in a roller coaster, and get rid of the backlot tour sometime after Toy Story Mania opens.

According to the article the loop will be a novelty. In the rendering you can see that the loop is actually a circle-shaped "top-hat".
I know its only an artists impression which usually defy gravity...just saying...
D'uh .. the wrong Universal Studios again...
I was hoping there would be an Xcar coaster in L.A. soon :.(

Small coasters like this definitely have a future (at least a near one).

airtime for everyone
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It's 167ft. tall.
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Sounds cool. We were trying to wait out our next trip to Universal in order to let Potter open. If this opens around the same time the deal is done. I can't wait to get back there.

Looks good. Nice to see Universal adding a brand-new ride instead of refurbishing older rides and themed areas. Those parks are great but have been kind of stale lately.
Jamie and I won't be going until 2009 anyway - Potterworld.

Jeff Young
IOA better be getting a new coaster. Grr.
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...and the rich (in amusements) just KEEP getting richer....

delan, I think (hope?) it might be premature to say this means no new coaster for WWoHP. Either way, since I moved here, the amusement explosion just keeps on keeping on. From Gwazi thru IoA thru Cypress, Everest, RotM, Starliner, Aquatica, now this....I must be doing SOMETHING right...LOL! :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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IOA doesn't need a new coaster... it's time to make the studio park a little more buff, I think. Granted, it has the higher attendance, but for me at least, I need more incentive. :)

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Attendance will see a large jump at IOA with Potter, and that should pour over into USO as well, with all their new additions including Rockit. I am excited for 2009!

I know we shouldn't look to the rendering as truth, but there aren't any nets under the track. A lot of people will be getting spit on or cell phones flying at them. Assuming they do add some netting, it'll end up looking pretty cheesy.
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^Hulk has netting, it's up so high no one notices or cares...wonder if they ever found my car keys up there? ;)
IOA doesn't need a new coaster but it needs a new something. I'd hope that the Harry Potter area will be more than just a simple retheme of Lost Continent.
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^Yeah, every time I walk thru LC, it just keeps looking like "why not just put up new Potter signs, the theming already FITS"....LOL!

So...for RotM's grand opening ceremonies, we had Vosloo show up. Have to wonder if Herbie Hancock will be the guest star this time around... ;)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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