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Yeah I went on Kings Islands website yesterday some time before 5pm and the registration was already gone for the RWW event. I am pretty pissed off about it!!! I tried speaking to a guest relations person over the phone this morning about it and they wouldn't give me the time of day. Like I said I am pretty upset. I am leaving from work tonight and will be there tomorrow 5/8 so I am most likely going to have to talk with a manager about the situation! I mean I don't see why they would punish someone who has a coaster club membership from not attending!!! That is BS. Not to mention the fact that I was ON their website before the cutoff time yesterday! I Think they owe me an explanation at least. I remember going to Holiday World for Holiwood Nights last year and they just let you walk right up pay and then go to the event. Much much nicer and less stressful. I will lose a lot of respect for Kings Island if they don't at least consider registering me for this event late!!! Anyone else having an issue with this or is it just me?

Collin Aynes

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"I mean I don't see why they would punish someone who has a coaster club membership from not attending!!! "

You did not register in time....simple as that.

How do you figure that they are punishing you? Just because you have a coaster club membership, does not mean that they 'OWE" you anything at all.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Like I said before I was ON the Kings Island website yesterday 5/6 before 5pm, which was BEFORE deadline, to register and it said that registration was already closed! So, yes I am a little bit upset!

Collin Aynes

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So if you visited the site before 5, why didn't you give guest relations a call at that time (or did you?) It will be pretty hard to prove to anyone now that you were on the site prior to 5 yesterday.

And I'm guessing the reason they aren't allowing walk-up registrations is because of all of the activities they have planned, including all-you-can-eat meals. I'm sure they need to have a decent head count in order to accurately plan for everything they intend to offer.

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Odd, was there limited space?

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Carrie hit it on the head - sometimes parks are pretty particular about having a "maximum attendance" beforehand so they can plan properly. That's why when there IS walk-up registration (about half of the coaster events each year it seems) then typically there is an upcharge for doing so...the park has to run around and make sure they're prepared to accommodate extra guests. More registration packets, more food, more "goodie bags", more people for ERT. If you call, there is a chance they MAY make an exception....and a chance they won't.

Calling ASAP when the website isn't working is usually the best bet (and worked for me when I called SFoG after their website failed me over the offseason).

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I'm sure I am not the only one who wasn't able to register for whatever reason. Also, I could care less about more food, and more goodie bags. All I want to do is just do the ERT and I would be willing to pay more to do so. I am pretty sure if someone else were in my position they would be pretty upset about it as well.

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It doesn't matter if you don't care about any food or goodie bags or registration packets. KI cares because they are committed to providing it to you should you register and attend their event.

And it is common for someone who wants an exception to say I promise I won't eat or this or that, but they can't stop you from participating fully once you are there.

And I have been in your position. I have missed my share of deadlines for various reasons from procrastination, to forgetfulness, to ignorance that there was a deadline, to mishaps with registration materials. It happens. I may have even asked for exceptions in those cases, but I certainly didn't expect them. And I would hardly start bad mouthing an organization due to the circumstance.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Thanks Carrie M.

Collin Aynes

I know someone else who went to register yesterday at 6:45pm and was denied as well, the thing is - if they were going to cut off registration mid-day, they should have said that on the website.

According to the cached version off of Google ( LINK ) all it says in regards to the end of registration is:

Registration ends May 6, 2009.

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For CB events, I charge more for on-site registration for many reasons, including my non-desire to have cash, getting the park an accurate head count and the extra time and energy to do name tags in real time. It just inconveniences a lot of people.

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redman822 said:

Registration ends May 6, 2009.

Hmmm. I suppose you could interpret that a couple of ways, but I would think I need to register before the 6th because it ends on the 6th.

But on the same note, I wouldn't fault someone for thinking it meant they could register through the 6th.

I don't get what the problem is. They said May 6th and it ended on May 6th, maybe waiting until the last moment was not the best idea.

To me "ends May 6th" --without an end time means end of day on May 6th

If they wanted registration to be completed before the 6th then they should have said, "Registration must be completed prior to May 6th"

And if they meant to end registration during the day (the link was still there mid-day yesterday) then they should have said, "Registration is due by X:XX on May 6th"

To blame guests for KI's website not being clear is totally wrong. If this was a Six Flags park instead of a CF park, I can just imagine all the haters out there lining up with the hate filled posts.

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Thank-You redman822 for someone finally showing some sympathy for me! I understand deadlines for events and things but I, too, wasn't expecting them to just shut down the registration before end of day on May 6th!

Collin Aynes

Not to side one way or the other but I wanted to mention that I had a stellar interaction with KI yesterday.

When I registered last week I didn't get a confirmation screen and assumed I would get a confirmation email. When I hand not received the email by the 6th, I called their guest relations. The lady from guest relations was wonderful. She let me explain what happened and then recorded it. She asked for my name and phone number and said that although she couldn't check to see if I was registered or not, she would send this information on to the people running the registration table. This way on Saturday morning they would have record that I had called with a possible problem.

The person was helpful and polite. She made it a great experience.

Anybody get the e-mail with the schedule details on it yet? I haven't got mine yet. If someone has it, can you post it?

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^Posted here: http://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/event_detail.cfm?event_id=546&ec_id=15

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Thx....but I already know that one....over on KICentral, the're talking about an email going out that has more detail...something like you have to be at the gate at 6:50am for a walkback....anyone have that e-mail?


I did not get an e-mail back when I registered a few weeks ago so I registered again the other day to make sure. As of this posting I still have not received any e-mails from them.

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