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I was told by my cousin that her friend was on Raptor (CP) and they bottomed out after the first hill but Before the Vertical loop. and they had to be pulled through the ride by the maitnence team. Does this happen? And do they have to pull the car through the complete circuit. If so I can not Imagine how difficult that would be especially for the maitnence. Also has anyone here ever been on a ride when this happened


Doesn't happen! If any coaster "bottomed out" , the train would be evacuated and not moved with guests on it.

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If the train bottomed out on Raptor, I highly doubt that they'd actually pull the train through the rest of the course. It would be more efficient just to detach the wheel assemblies and cart the vehicles over to the transfer track.
Im sure the maintenence team at Cedar Point Huffed and Puffed and finally pushed the train throughout the entire course of Raptor with the people still on it.

Of course with no help of any machinery...

Raptor has had a few rollbacks but to the best of my knowledge, there hasn't been one before the vertical loop. During its first week of operation Raptor didn't make it up to the block brake area and rolled down to the bottom of the cobra. A crane was brought out to move the coaster up into the block brake area but no one was in the train at the time.

Now, I have heard stories about Mantis not making it through the vertical loop, but I have no proof of it. I have seen a few other coasters valley at the park including Gemini, Mean Streak, and Millennium Force.


...not to mention Mine Ride and Wildcat. In the pre-season I have seen Blue Streak hung up on the turnaround.

Wildcat is the one they cleared by having three big guys go up there and shove the car up to the top of the next hill.

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They do actually pull cars thru the course but only for test purposes before the ride is run for the first time. Here's a pic of Millennium Force being pulled thru the course.

Rides do roll back from time to time but a park would never pull a train thru with people on it. Taking the train off the track would be the easiest in most cases for multi looping coasters I would think.

Sean - Mantis has rolled back before the loop. Saw it with my very own eyes. Even witnessed maintenance take out a piece of track to remove the train. I always wondered why they didn't remove the upstops, but I've never been given a clear answer.
I was on the whizzer, at Six Flags Great America, and the trian stopped. Infact that happens quite often on that ride. My friend got off the ride by himself and was banned from the park forever. The whizzer's lift hill has some major problems time to time. *** Edited 11/28/2004 11:27:17 PM UTC by juggernaut***
^ Your friend is a damn moron and should've be banned from the park. That's just stupid.
Maybe if they'd just take off that darn brake on Mantis first drop, It wouldn't happen?

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Charles Nungester said:
Maybe if they'd just take off that darn brake on Mantis first drop, It wouldn't happen?

Maybe they shouldn't have put it on there in the first place.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
I've seen a crank in action, at the Vapor Trail coaster at Sesame Place, one cold May day last May...was so cold, that the train couldn't make it all the way around, got stuck in the last valley before the final brake run...so they had to get the crank out to get the train it...I swear it seemed to take forever to get it up!

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

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I saw them crank B:TR on the first Sunday of the season, 2003 at GAdv. Both B:TR and Chiller valleyed that morning.

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I agree that my friend did not make the brightest decision. I see it as one les person standing in front of me for the line of Raging Bull. lol ;) *** Edited 11/29/2004 8:36:39 AM UTC by juggernaut***
How does a park ban someone forever? Do they fingerprint them and make them submit DNA and urine samples? Do they take their picture and have someone age-enhance it every year? Is there a most wanted list posted at the entrance like at the post office? Do they brand the person? Attach a chip to their ear?

From what I've read here, SF personnel aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer. So how would a "lifetime" ban be enforced? Just curious.

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Would you be stupid enough to risk being charged with criminal trespassing if caught?

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Exactly. We did the same thing @ Wal-Mart, and you'd be surpised at how well bannishment works.
But how do they verify who is banned? That was my original question
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I think the point is that there is no way to 100% enforce it (not even close, I'd imagine), but the fact that someone has been deemed 'banished' is enough to work quite well.

I did see a show once about cameras on public streets (in London?) that are connected to a PC with a database of wanted criminals. The camera takes shots of everyone and does a quick analysis (using points on the face that do not change) and compared it to the database then alerted authorities if it made a match.

Not really pertinent to the question, but an interesting semi-related thing. Perhaps in the future when technology like this is more common, parks (or anywhere for that matter) could just keep a database of unsavory types and electronically keep an eye out for them?

I'm just saying...

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