Reuters is reporting that Six Flags has offered to buy Cedar Fair

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Six Flags Entertainment Corp. has approached peer Cedar Fair LP with an acquisition offer, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

Read more from Reuters.

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I wouldn’t get the hatred either if SFoT was my home park. But mine was SFA. I didn’t expect a premium experience, I just expected a clean park without surly employees.

At SFA?! Surly you can't be serious.

Anyone that's bored this Sunday afternoon should go spend 10 minutes on any of the WDW forums. Yikes.

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Those people make armchair amusement park managers look like well-adjusted grownups.

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pkidelirium said:

At SFA?! Surly you can't be serious.

I am serious. And pretty surly about it.

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Dang, if I hadn't already used this reference a month and a half ago, now would've been a perfect opportunity.

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Six Flag over Never Mind.

I am relieved that "Kings Island: A Six Flags Park" is not happening. Even if they are both amusement park operators, Cedar Fair and Six Flags seem to be somehow incompatible with each other.

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