Regional theme parks evolve with overnight stays

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Behind their whimsical facades, amusement parks are a big and sometimes risky business. The cost of entry is often in the hundreds of millions of dollars and can reach a billion or more. Regional parks have their own set of challenges, including smaller budgets for marketing and investment in new attractions. Operators are adjusting by creating more reasons for visitors to stay longer.

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I’d love to see a campground at Dorney Park. There are a bunch of hotels in Allentown, not so much for camping. The closest we could find is the Allentown KOA which, while a nice campground, is a solid 20-30 minute drive regardless of what Google Maps says...

But then again, what do I know?

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I'm amused that Amazon is advertising the movie Risky Business on this page as a "related product" because of that first sentence.

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$2.99 to see Lana? OK. :)

Funny how they mention Knott's adding restaurants to blur the lines. They started out with a restaurant. Okay, a berry stand of course, But the attractions were added to entertain guests waiting for the restaurant. Chicken and egg kinda of deal. ;)

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