Red Evil Being Renamed

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I was browsing the Ghost Town in the Sky site today and saw that there was a contest to rename Red Devil. Has anyone entered this? If so, what did you submit?

Don't worry I have already submitted a name and promise that I am no taking yours; I'm just interested to see some of your ideas.

I would rename it Red Evil.
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Would save on new signage... ;)
I'd name it Green Devil.....but keep it red and white! ;)

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"Hopkin's Third Disaster"
"Thrice Failed"
"Third Time...Not The Charm"

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

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Mamoosh said:"Hopkin's Third Disaster"

H3? ;)

"One For The Count"?

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"
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Dang, you ain't got no love for the OD?! You ain't got no LOVE for the OD?!

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Love their flumes...hate their coasters. You think it's a coincidence they only built seven?
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Red Devil 2: OD-Hopkins-Boogaloo
What do you expect from a company that designed their first coaster on a napkin and promised it for under a million dollars, even though they had no idea what would be involved. That's like me drawing you a house on paper and quoting you a price without knowing anything about how it's going to be constructed. Pure genius, if you ask me.
I'd call it : The Green Manalishi with the Three-Pronged Crown!

Yeah, be a big sign. Real hard to miss. Better on 'shrooms.

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Sounds like the title for a Beatles album. Or maybe Incubus.
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3 strikes and ....

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Wow, they managed to make SEVEN of those things? Red Devil is probably the best one too with its unique terrain layout.

How about renaming it to PHIL: The Ride of Insufficient Light? ;)

AV Matt
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I'm guessing the smallest OD Hopkins ride- Patriot @ Castles & Coasters- is probably the best of the bunch. As for the rest, I haven't been on any of them, though I can't imagine them being all that good. But yeah, at least Red Devil takes advantage of the unique terrain.

I always found it odd how OD Hopkins ripped off the looks of other coasters. Red Devil has a loop like an old Arrow. Wonderland's coaster looks like a Schwarzakopf. Dragon at Adventureland looks like an Intamin...

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^If only Dragon WAS an Intamin.

AV Matt
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