Quickest way to Tatsu

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Nothing beats tips from a park regular over looking at a park map.

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Woah...jferick was channeling me this morning, lol ;)
Did it hurt??!

You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

The same reason why I dont come to this board very often. Six flags maps stink for finding the Quickest ways there. He asked for the quickest way there but of course people had to bash him instead of actually answering his question.

Here's a Tatsu tip. The line can get freakishly long. I would invest in the Flash Passes, as it is the best ride to use them on. The rest of the rides have lines that are nothing compared to Tatsu, and Flash Passes cannot be used on X2 (if it's opening is within your visit) or Deja Vu. Personally, I would get in line for X2, then Flash Pass Tatsu 4 times throughout the day.

Walking wise, the tip to go up Rev's exit is very good. If that's not easily found, the next solution is to take the small set of stairs (2 flights) by the park's Panda Express. It cuts off walking past the entrance of Viper at least.

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No one was bashing the guy. And his question did get answered. If a person can't stand a little humor than by all means go find another site where no one makes innocent jokes. In fact if you find one please let us know...lol.


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Mamoosh said:
In fact if you find one please let us know...lol.

So we can invade it!

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Yeah, developing a thick skin around here is a must.

Although, I didn't consider it a silly question at all. Googling park maps is a good starter, but as already mentioned the average park map (Six Flags or otherwise) is not going to show you a shortcut like that. Heck, some maps don't even have the main pathways correct or are so poorly drawn that they are almost useless.

Sidenote: whoever drew Deja Vu for the SFMM map should be shot.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

The whole map is atrocious actually. But so what? You're telling me you can't look at the map, find the park entrance, find Tatsu, and figure out how to get from point A to point B?

So what if you happen to miss a tiny shortcut that may save 25 seconds of walking time? Is there some extra super special prize for being the first person in line for Tatsu?


DBJ said:The rest of the rides have lines that are nothing compared to Tatsu, and Flash Passes cannot be used on X2 (if it's opening is within your visit) or Deja Vu.

This is false. X2 will indeed open with a designated Flash Pass queue. The original X had one at first when it opened, but it was then discontinued when the park realized how slow capacity was due to technical problems and slow loading procedures.

However, the ride won't be open until after Memorial Day Weekend.

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Because my opinion counts more than everyone else's (do I need a winky here?), it was kind of a silly question.

This general class of question has always seemed strange to me. Amusement parks aren't some bastion of top secret mazes enjoyed exclusively by those with insider knowledge. That's what bugs me about those Disney jerks. I don't need someone to tell me to cut through the noodle food stand in Tomorrowland to get to Space Mountain faster. I can figure that out on my own.

You show up, you get a map, enjoy your day.

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Moosh, yes, I was indeed channeling you. LD....You remind me of my bowling skills....in the gutter. ;)

Anyway, if you don't like the accuracy of the maps, Google Earth is pretty cool. Not all that great for heavily wooded parks, but still pretty fun.

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Yeah, that's the point. The Flash Pass/Fast Lane on X wasn't available for years, so they couldn't be used on X. Where is the false statement? Even though the pathway is there for X2 (just as it was for X) to support flash pass in theory, the odds of them opening the ride up for FP access is slim, based on how they have operated the ride for over 1/2 a decade. I wouldn't give out contrary advice to a visitor at this point based on prior experience. *** Edited 4/8/2008 8:03:41 PM UTC by DBJ***
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^I've generally found the most useful of this kind of info to be "which ride(s) may not open with the park?"

Of course, now that SFoG and SFGAm don't have DVs anymore, even that question doesn't provide as much help as it used to... ;)

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Any little bit of information is helpful. I never would have known that CP had an entrance & parking lot over by Magnum unless it had been discussed here on the Buzz, Did that information make the difference between a good or bad day? No. But it was nice to know.

Just because questions of this ilk are rather mundane, that doesn't mean they aren't worth asking.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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The problem, IMHO, isn't that he asked but that he couldn't take a little good-natured joking, none of which was mean-spirited.

I post to quite a number of forum sites and I've yet to find one where people didn't tease and joke with each other.

I know it's the off-season but come on...lighten up!

*** Edited 4/8/2008 8:52:47 PM UTC by Mamoosh***

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^By the same token, it's NICE to get their question answered first, THEN have playtime...er, funtime...whichever. Not everyone is familiar with the high level of jocularity to be found in many forums.
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Soggy said:
I never would have known that CP had an entrance & parking lot over by Magnum unless it had been discussed here on the Buzz


All three of the Point's entrance gates are clearly marked on the map (and that's the low res version!).

My point? Don't be lazy and post a question here that can be easily answered with a quick glance at the park map.


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Then why discuss anything in a forum at all? You can find out everything about the amusement industry by way of press releeases, articles and official websites. All the information is out there if you look hard enough.

The point is you'll get better, first-hand, up-to-date information by asking a local than reading a map. I don't care how high or low res a map is, getting information from someone who has been there and done that is better, IMO. Looking at a map doesn't tell me which entrance is the easiest and most convienient one, that takes the opinion of someone who has used all three of them in the past.

People get lost while using a road maps, then they ask a local.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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