Purchasing a Roller coaster

I've been interested in purchasing a full scale roller coaster for years... I never had the land ...now I do.

What type of permit is required for something like this? I would use it for personal uses and would not be open to the public... My budget is around 25 to 30 million.

I've contacted Intamin and B&M about pricing... Any information on how one would go about doing this would be greatly appreciated.

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You can hire me for and I'll tell you exactly how to do it. Just need for your check to clear.

Maybe a nice coaster will popup on click or click

Better talk to the neighbours aswell, the might not agree with having a new view of the surroundings.

Is Jane also here? and Astro?

I really don't have a lot of neighbors... Maybe 5 people in 15 to 20 mile radius.

I have high hopes that this will be a reality

How can I contact you ?

I've contacted 2 major companies about this.

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If you're clever enough to spend $30 million on your own roller coaster (and the cost to maintain it), I would expect you would be clever enough to know how to go about buying one.

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If you're looking for a wooden coaster, and possibly a GCI, you can email Adam House or just GCI in general. They respond very quickly.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

MeetGeorgeJetson said:
I've contacted 2 major companies about this.

Please be sure to post any responses they send.

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If I had $25-30 Million to spend... I would develop real estate and commercial property, you'll make 10 times over that.

I have no advice. Can I just marry you?

MeetGeorgeJetson said:

I've contacted Intamin

I expect someone with 30 million to burn on a roller coaster would be smart enough to avoid a mistake like that. ;-)

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Didn't work for Dick Kinzel.


Blackie said:

I expect someone with 30 million to burn on a roller coaster would be smart enough...

Having money doens't say anything about being smart, but that raises an intresting idea.. why go through all the hassle of getting permissions etc... just simply own the country you live in ( or even perhaps "run" it) then you can avoid a lot of red tape.

That should be possible, or not?

Open it to the public one day a year and I'll book my flight today. OMG NEW CREDIT!!!!11!

Just go to IAAPA, walk into the B&M booth and show your ACE card. Walter and Claude will take it from there...

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I am interested in building a rocket to get me into low Earth orbit where I will perform brain surgery and cure cancer. Does anyone on this internet roller coaster forum know where I should start?

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Any time I make a $30 million purchase, the first thing I do is solicit advice from a bunch of people I don't know on a message board.

There is no use building it any way. Cedar Fair will eventually just buy it to close it.

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