Premier Rides + Unique Lift = Trouble! (MaxRPM)

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Noticed this on Screamscape:

(6/6/08) A Screamscape readers visiting Hard Rock Park caught up with some workers leaving the Maximum RPM ride area and asked a few questions about when it might open. They were told that it should be open “within a month” and that the only problem they’re having right now is with the giant revolver lift-wheel either getting stuck or stopping in the wrong place. Once they fix that issue for good, the ride will be ready to go.

Hate to say it but...I told ya so! ;)

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I think just about everyone who looked at the damn thing the second it was revealed was ready to say I told you so! lol
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Oh I know I wasn't the only one.
There is probably a freaking Mormon Tabernacle Choir-sized chorus of I-Told-You-Sos. It looked like something that some crazed lego fanatic might have come up with.

Of course, I hope they get it right, 'cause I was big into lego back in the day. ;)

I saw the thing when I was there last week... I asked them if the ride was going to open today and they laughed at me :)

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Maximum Repairs Peeving Maintenance? ;)
Minimum RPM ;)
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So...who wants to place bets on how long it will take for the wheel to be removed?

3 weeks, anyone?

well, I think they'll figure out how to get it to work rather than removing the wheel since they do need a way to get the cars to the top and don't have space for a lift hill...

--George H

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Ummm...George they don't need room. The lift can be veritcal.
It stinks that the wheel lift is holding it up, cause it's not really a huge ride or anything... it fits in with the park great but it's not some amazing attraction that should need such special attention, IMO anyway.

Sounds like either proxy sensor problems and/or computer communication problems with the proxy sensors. At least Premier has one coaster up and running down there.

As the alternative to the ferris wheel if it doesn't work out, they could always replicate the upward helix on Backlot Stunt Coaster. Now that would kick ass.

Count me in with the I-Told-You-Sos.

This thing is NEVER going to operate regularly with that stupid wheel.

Chattanooga needs a [B][I]ITG2[/I][/B] Machine!
Intamin Fan, I think it's a little premature to speculate over the cause of the malfunction given that all we know is that the wheel is "getting stuck or stopping in the wrong place."
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True as that may be, Phantom, I think I-fan is spot on: sounds like prox-sensor probs to me too. But what do I know? Had they asked me to design the ride in the first place my end design wouldn't have included a complicated-in-the-name-of-unique and bound-to-be-problematic ferris wheel lift followed by a short and uninspired figure-8 course.

I'd like to meet the person at HRP who signed off on this ride idea...and ask "WTF were you thinking?

Well, the person at HRP opened a "from the ground up" park which hasn't been done in awhile, so I can see he or she making mistakes.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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All he/she needed to do was talk to parks that own rides made by Premier. I'm sure SFGAdv would tell her how happy they were with Batman/Robin Chiller...or how happy SFOT and SFStL were with the delays opening their Chiller shuttles, or [P]KD and [P]KI about how they tortured guests on FoF until forces to redesign the train's restraints.

This isn't a mistake. A mistake is when you fall down an elevator shaft. Or when you skinny-dip in a school of piranha. Or when you accidentally douche with Drano! No, MaxRPM was no's a WTF were they thinking!?!?! ;)

Douche with Drano?

What mind altering substances are you on tonight Moosh?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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That whole "mistake" paragraph is a reworded speach from the play/movie Torch Song Trilogy.

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