Possible new Opryland Themepark!

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I think they need at least 300-400 acres to build a new park. There is also talks about another new park called Ole South USA to be built on 1000 acres just south of Nashville.

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Wasn't there a plan for a 2nd Dollywood to open there also?

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^I remember reading something about that but it got shot down.

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The old Opryland park was about 125 acres and one of the reasons cited for its closure was that it was landlocked and had no where to grow. Well Hello, this is even worse of a location and even closer to residential neighborhoods.

Gaylord will never ever get it right.

Can someone PM me with the link please?

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Something that I though about that would be a problem is the neighborhoods that will be right beside it.
Did the old 125 acres include the parking lot? How big was the actual park? Maybe Gaylord can put a main parking ramp across the street and us the entire 105 acres for the park.

It is a FACT that The Voyage is the greatest thing on the planet!!
I think the acreage was for the park only. At least that's what I vaguely remember from the employee handbook.

IMHO, You're giving them too much credit with the idea of clever parking options. Not that it couldn't be done, but if history is any indication of the future, then this will be another mistake in the waiting.

They could do it Blackpool Pleasure Beach style and load those 105 acres up with an infinite number of attractions, but I'm a betting man and I know how incapable & stingy Gaylord is at running an amusement park. They have a proven history of doing big things on the cheap, so why would this be any different? Look at how Opryland barely ever added any attractions, and eventually failed. Look at how Fiesta Texas failed in its first few years and Gaylord sold its shares in the place. How many failures does one business need before people wake up??

I hope the Ole South project gets underway. It sounds a lot like a better plan. According to Screamscape it sounds like a cross between a Disney park with some themed thrill rides.

It is a FACT that The Voyage is the greatest thing on the planet!!
I personally hope that they do something, because that little Music Valley Amusement Park was horrible lol. It was like a little carnival.... it wasn't even that big lol... and BTW I just read up on the Ole South Park and it sounds really good. I think that would be even better but it still would be fun to have. If anyone hasn't seen it here's a link to it:


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Interesting. It'd be nice to have *both* parks here, but proposals have been going on for sometime now. I guess I'm more than just a little jaded that anything will get built. Wait and see...wait and see.

What I find really amusing is the rumor floating around among locals that the farm land of Bonnaroo (large music festival with national acts) southeast of Nashville has been bought by SF for a park.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
Really? Where did you hear that from? Oh btw do you remember when were supposed to be getting "Thrillopolis"? lol
The Opryland thing is, most likely, some sort of Downtown Disney type thing with a possible indoor waterpark/amusement component. It is incredibly unlikely that it will in any way resemble 'Opryland 2.0' and wouldn't be in the same category as Ole South, so there's room in the market for both.

As for Ole South USA, I personally hope that it does happen. It's a long shot, but the guy trying to get it going seems to have his head on straight.

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The only problem with Ole South for me is the location. I wish it would be considered for Wilson County or somewhere closer to WC lol. But I can't complain at least something is being considered.
My sound isn't working so can you tell me that the video was saying?

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The video said that Gaylord is not ready to reveal the plans for the 105 acres.

The reporter spoke with a couple of homeowners around the 105 acres to see what the rumours going around were. The rumours included an amusement park, casino, and he also mentioned relocating the Grand Ole Opry house to the 105 acres, and then redeveloping the land where the current G.O.O. house is now...probably for more freakin outlet mall space.

LOVED seeing the Rock and Roller coaster again! sigh

So how much land does the current G.O.O house occupy now? Is that bigger than 105 acres. I think they need to have a minimum of 250 acres to develope an amusement park to allow of parking spaces and to build a hyper or a huge woodie.

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I'm just guessing, but looks like 5-10 acres for the GOO house and the outbuildings around it.

The neighbors are already on edge about all the rumours. Unless it's an indoor amusement park, you can kiss that idea good bye.

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