Polercoaster coming to AC?

AC still gets some decent shows, but nothing like Vegas.

In New York, there is now video gaming in Queens, right near the Airport...and (From what I hear) The Connecticut properties like Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun are nicer.

15 years ago, AC was it on the East Cost - but even then you had to cross over some horrible areas to get to the strip and Boardwalk.

People (Quite a few elderly folks at that) came from all over Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, North Jersey, Philly by the bus-load to gamble and go home at the end of the day. Now...not so much.

I don't think the key to AC's future is in amusement parks. That takes people out of the casinos. Come to think of it...I do not know what the future holds for Atlantic City...but I (Horrible pun coming) wouldn't bet on it as being as successful or meaningful as it was in its prime!

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slithernoggin said:

And New Jersey.

Strikes me that one of these giant ferris wheels all the tourist towns are getting (High Roller in Vegas, Orlando Eye etc) would be a better choice for Atlantic City?

Staten Island is a tourist town? Huh. I must have missed the memo. Incidentally, their planned-to-open-this-year pbservation wheel has been racking up cost overruns and is now expected to cost over $500M, rather than 250. I'm sure that figure includes other parts of the complex...dining, retail, etc.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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I notice that a) they named the thing The New York Wheel and b) Staten Island can be hard to find on their website outside of the "In The News" section.

"New York Wheel promises to become one of the city's -- and the world's -- great landmark attractions located in St. George on the New York Harbor." Nicely taking advantage of tourist ignorance of NYC geography while mentioning New York twice.

"Staten Island Ferry takes millions of people every year across New York Harbor to St. George, New York City's next waterfront destination." Staten Island makes it in in the name of the ferry, but golly, it's taking people to New York City's next waterfront destination. Kudos to the copywriter.

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