Polercoaster coming to AC?

Was scrolling through Facebook where I came across this article!

Apparently it's replacing the Sands Casino!
I'm sure excited if this is an actual thing!

Don't hold your breath


Or book you flight.

Dale from Dayton

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Or bet on it.

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Or Maverick.

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High five!

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If you read those five one-line posts together it's like poetry.

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Was the coaster black?

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I'd love to see AC get some bigger / better rides to compete with the resort towns further south, but unfortunately I just can't shake the notion every time one of these gets announced that a) it's not really going to happen and b) if one of them does get built, it will be a garbage ride.

I've never been to Atlantic City but I hear it's dying a slow death. Business is down and casinos are closing, maybe due to gaming becoming legal in so many other states.
And I think that attractions like this one, good or garbage, will not be the town's saving grace. In other words, people will still associate Atlantic City with what it's been and a ride that will operate less than six months of the year won't be the thing to draw visitors for a vacation stay. Especially when there's a better version geared towards families down the shore.
I hate to be a nay-sayer, and I'd certainly go to this if I was ever in the area, but maybe just for a drive-by credit.

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I'm with RCMAC here.

Back in the day, the only place you gamble in the U.S. was Nevada, and to most people that meant Vegas. It was a glamorous, exciting destination. When gambling in AC became legal, the city became a destination as well for folks wanting to gamble.

Today, here in Chicago, there's a casino off the Rosemont stop on the Blue Line. I can take the South Shore into Indiana and walk a few blocks to the Blue Chip casino. Four Winds, Horseshoe, Ameristar and Majestic all happily provide free bus transportation to their casinos.

So, yes: gambling used to be something you did on a vacation: you made plans to go to Vegas or AC and you stayed several days. You spent money to get there, stay there and eat there.

I can roll out of bed, decide to hit a casino, play my favorite slot

for an hour or two and call it a day.

AC is caught in a rough spot. So many people live so close to so many casinos; AC can't compete with the convenience factor. And AC can't compete with Vegas as a destination: Vegas has so much more to offer.

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Right. Here in Ohio we now have 4 casinos with slots and table games and 7 Racinos with video lottery terminals associated with racetracks. Now I no longer need to travel to lose my money, I can do it locally. Prior to that Ohioans had to go to Wheeling or the Indiana "riverboats".
On my way to Elysburg in October I stopped at Wheeling Downs to try my luck and found the place to be a complete dump. With a hotel. I walked out with 600 bucks, so I ain't complainin' too loudly, but I could see that it's not the busy place it used to be. I hear the Indiana joints aren't doing as well these days, either, and why should they? Even the Cincinnati folks aren't making the trip like they used to. They have one at Coney, one downtown, and 2 right off of I75 near Dayton.

As for this coaster, whatever the circumstances, I'll believe it when I see it.

Oh, and Slith, I tried Judge Judy at TI in Vegas and her gavel came down on me HARD! Ouch. Not a dime from that gal. So I'll just wait for the Hot Bench slot. They'll have mercy on me, I'm sure.

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I've never even considered going there. I enjoy Vegas, in small doses, but only because there are fantastic shows and restaurants set in ridiculous excess and spectacle. I've never expected that I could find that in New Jersey.

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Yeah, Judge Judy rarely does me any favors in the casino, either. Judges Acker and Dimango might have mercy on you, but watch out for Bakman. :-)

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Atlantic City is a hole. It was convenient for a day or weekend trip for people within a few hours drive, but there's absolutely zero reason to go if you don't plan on gambling. I've been a few times, but it's been years and there's no reason to go now that I can find table games right down the road (Charles Town, WV actually has a really nice casino complete with tables and horse races). And with Maryland opening a huge casino at the National Harbor next year, I don't think too many DC area folks will be heading up to AC anymore.

Hell, maybe the place could actually benefit from a PolerCoaster.

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The Four Winds casino in New Buffalo, Michigan, is just gorgeous. A winding road through the woods takes you to the resort; the design firm involved worked on several Disney resorts.

It looks like, out of the 8 casino resorts currently operating in Atlantic City, 7 of them opened between 1978 and 1990. Why go to AC for aging facilities when a posh resort is an hour and a half away -- and the resort will put me on their bus and alleviate the need for me to drive?

I've been poking around the Internet; there do seem to be politicians and community leaders in AC who realize that the city, going forward, can't rely on gambling and tourism.

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The Cleveland casinos were built because the state didn't like that guaranteed profit was being given to.... wait for it... Detroit!

You guys are right. Gambling is now local. A/C is a hole. Anyone planning gambling as a destination is going to Vegas. It offers near infinite more things to do and see. Flights are cheap. and the airport is 1 mile from the strip, so you don't even need a rental car. AC has a small airport, (which I'd recommend because there are no delays) but most airlines fly into Philly, over an hour away.

In theory, Atlantic City should have more going for it than Vegas: it has the beach, and is located near several major population centers. However, Atlantic City is currently in bad shape, as is the local economy which depends on tourism. The city desperately needs more non-gambling attractions, such as Vegas-style shows. It also needs attractions that cannot already be found in Ocean City and Wildwood. As much as I'd love to see some bigger rides and coasters here in AC, I don't think that would be the silver bullet that saves the city.

I imagine this Polercoaster attraction will have essentially the same business model as the Vegas trill rides. No one (aside from a few coaster geeks) will make a special trip to AC for it, but people that are already there will likely be willing to drop $10+ to ride it.

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Atlantic City has winter.

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And New Jersey.

Strikes me that one of these giant ferris wheels all the tourist towns are getting (High Roller in Vegas, Orlando Eye etc) would be a better choice for Atlantic City?

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