Planned Kings Dominion trip April 1-3, 2013

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Hello, I am planning my first trip to Kings Dominion on April 1-3. I was wondering if the park has any early entry and if there's any tips I should know. Also what should the crowds be like based on past experience? Thanks!

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I'm gonna go with not so busy, even though the park seems to be open everyday that week for spring breakers. I think I did a visit during a similar time a few years ago and the park was fairly empty.
My tip for you would be to get over to Volcano first thing to avoid a long wait should they only be running one train.

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Grizzly's re-ride entrance will save you a lot of's on the right side as you go down the exit ramp. Even without the extensive tree cover, I love that silly thing...might be the best tunnel on the best wooden coaster in the best part of Central VA.

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The entrances to at least three of the rides that I can think of are extremely poorly marked. Make sure you know what rides you want to ride before you go, or you will miss things or spend a lot of time looking for them.

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Make sure to go to Volcano first. I've waited for that ride for six hours once.

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Do they have early entry for Platinum Pass holders?

Cedar Point will always be The Roller Coaster Capital of the World, regardless of the number of coasters they have.

I don't know if they have early entry, but from what I experienced, it wouldn't matter. They don't open half the park until around 11. I don't know why they do that or if they do it all the time, but when I went, they opened Dominator and a few other rides, then opened Volcano and the kiddie area. I hated that.

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^Why? With proper planning you walk on to two rides that attract large lines, I love phased openings for that reason.

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If you don't KNOW what opens when, it is pointless.

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What's pointless is waiting six hours for Volcano!

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The Mack bobsled Avalanche next to Volcano is freakin' AWESOME - arguably the best bobsled in the country. It is on the list of weird opening times though, so you need to keep an eye out...

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I have to agree. It's really what I imagine a bobsled should be. I always forget about that one.

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The only thing that would make that ride better is if it were twice as long! It's one of my favorite rides at that park. When i look at it I wish they had found a way to integrate it into the mountain to make it even better.
In my opinion, the reason it's the best bobsled in the country is that it's the only Mack ride we have. By far a superior product, and I wonder why parks over here went with Intamin, although I've heard that Intamin rides were a lot cheaper. Also, the tandem style sleds lead to low capacity, most cars in the train hold single riders. I was also inconvenienced by late opening at KD and had to return to the area in time to avoid a long line later in the day.
Rumor back in the day was that a Mack ride was considered for Kings Island to run through the woods along side The Beast, behind the hydro flume. They were planning to operate it during Winterfest, even. (that's how long ago it was.)

I'm still peeved that I missed Avalanche on my one and only KD trip. I didn't know it was there, and I had even gone on RCDB and everything. I simply missed it. Gonna have to get back out there this year...still haven't ridden I305.

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I missed a coaster at SFGrAdv, Bunky. Batman dark night flight, whatever that is, the wild mouse in the dark. I just forgot it was there, I knew that Chiller had been there and was gone. I never went around the corner from Nitro and Batman TR, though.
Dammit. Now I have to go back. :-)

Bummer! *laugh*

I still haven't ridden Blackbeard, so I've gotta hit that this year.

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I wouldn't wait 6 hours for a kidney transplant, and I sure as hell wouldn't do it for ANY coaster.

I don't mind when parks do tiered openings, but hearing about the lines for Volcano we went there first and I was disappointed that Avalanche wasn't open after we exited the ride. (15 minute wait, btw.) I think tiered openings should be done by section and not with individual attractions.


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As far as early entry, when we went there this past June, the park was scheduled to open at 11, but the gates opened at 10 and a handful of rides near the front gate (including one coaster) started at 10:30, so you can get there early, get a Dominator lap, and still be at the rope drop for Volcano. After that take your time... we didn't encounter one line the entire day.


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Yup. Agree with everyone above. Hit Volcano first. You can then get a few laps on Intimidator if you handle it.

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The day I went, there were literally less than 250 people there until 3:00 - that's about the time people started to really pack the park. But being a very famous park, I guess I just lucked out...but you never know for sure. I got there early, and ended up getting an really ride on Dominator. So, yes, there are early entries. The Old Virginia section, though, didn't open up until official scheduled opening time. And Shockwave didn't open until noon.

Tips? Ride Volcano at night! It's simply awesome. Intimidator 305 is my favorite ride there, but just a heads-up: it is VERY intense. A good ride to go on first would be Dominator - it's fast and smooth, and right outside the entrance.

Other than that, good luck and enjoy your trip!

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