PKI Announcement not far off

Posted Friday, August 18, 2000 8:54 AM | Contributed by Jacob

With Paramount's Kings Island's announcement about a month away, The Cincinnati Enquirer is speculating on some of the possibilities for PKI's next ride. The article even mentions a "Giga-Twister" rumor with a 10,000 ft. long track.

Read more on The Enquirer's site.

[Ed. note: CoasterBuzz has it on good authority that Setpoint's Swing Thing (Super Saturator at Carowinds) is the most likely bet for the new ride. We've also learned that the likelyhood of an exclusivity agreement concerning Vekoma's "flying" coaster (like Stealth at Paramount's Great America) with Paramount is for real, as Paramount allegedly floated much of the research and development costs associated with developing the new ride. The pecking order seems to put PKI in line for the ride in 2002 or 2003.]

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Friday, August 18, 2000 9:09 AM
A super saturator would be a nice companion peice along side SOB, I hope it happens. Giga-twister? would be great but can you say, "wishful thinking"?
Friday, August 18, 2000 9:10 AM
Setpoint Swing Thing sounds close right now.
Friday, August 18, 2000 10:19 AM
Please oh please leet it be a giga-coaster I beg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. PKI is my home park
Friday, August 18, 2000 11:06 AM

Super Soaker, whoopee-doo. Typical PKI move. SOB is the only thing good they've built there since the Beast. (1979?)

Pitiful. So is PKI, sorry, my home park to but it sucks big time.

I'll go to Cedar Point or even Holiday World before I'll venture back into that hokey park again.

Back in the 70's PKI was a classic place to go - it is now nothing more than a bland, corporate chain park with a bunch of stupid, half-hearted, bad movie themes involving bad movies and over-hyped rides that stink.

Super Soaker, please, give me a break.
Friday, August 18, 2000 11:08 AM
10000 foot long giga twister? In their dreams.
Six Flags Darien Lake Online
Friday, August 18, 2000 11:26 AM
Actually, the Vortex rules, they have built good stuff since the Beast. Outer Limits isn't too shabby either.

Friday, August 18, 2000 11:29 AM
Can't disagree with you there Brad R. Paramount is slowly sucking the life out of all their parks.
Friday, August 18, 2000 12:15 PM
I'm sure PKI will get some great publicity out of this, and start lots of speculation. Then when it's finally announced, whatever it turns out to be, people will be disappointed, and it will get bashed to death by us coaster nuts. Haven't we been down this road before?
Friday, August 18, 2000 12:31 PM
Those of you putting down PKI, I'll trade you guys straight across any day for PGA! You think PKI is lousy and you got it bad, try visiting this fiasco and see the mess Paramount has made out here at PGA. You'll have a new appreciation for PKI, 10 times better than this weak*****park, and that's no exaggeration.
Friday, August 18, 2000 12:47 PM
you all make me so mad. Kings Island is a wonderful, fun, and clean FAMILY park. The rides are top notch. The Beast and the SOB rock, but thats not all. What about Vortex, OL:FOF, Top Gun, King Cobra, Face Off, and Drop Zone? You can't beat those rides. STOP bashing Kings Island. The lines may be long, but they are WELL worth the wait.
Thanks for your time!
Friday, August 18, 2000 12:55 PM
Um and what exactly are u smokin'? PGA does suck. But hey their lines are short. Stealth is just hype nothin more. I can't wait to get back to Detroit so I can go to Cedar Point
Friday, August 18, 2000 1:05 PM
Well ok, I truly hope PKI will get a Giga - Twister. But I don't think Paramount will do such a thing. BUT why would PKI add a SECOND family suspended roller coaster if they already have one in Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster??? Anyway they already have three family coasters with that, The Beastie, and Top Cat's Taxi Jam. PKI wouldn't add two of the same kind, would they?

-Thomas Quinn
Friday, August 18, 2000 1:51 PM
No really Brad, how do you feel? ;)

Adam... you need to agree to disagree. Everyone has a different opinion, and if it's not in line with yours, you just have to deal with it.

Personally, I think PKI has some good rides, but the whole "feel" of the park is terrible. Universal can integrate their movies in to the studio parks sans cheese, why can't Paramount?

Webmaster/Admin -
Friday, August 18, 2000 2:26 PM
Shaggy, ask yourself how PKD could add another launch coaster, already having two, and you'll understand normal logic doesn't work when talking about Paramount. And your right Jeff, the self-promotion has gotten out of hand. Draco said it best, "Paramount is pure business, and they run all their parks that way". They can care less what enthusiasts think until they have a new coaster to promote.
Friday, August 18, 2000 2:31 PM
And Draco have you been to PGA lately? It is an absolute mess. Trash everywhere, half the rides are down and Top Gun's paint and theming is so bad that it was like standing in line for a giant garbage can. The park is running amok and instead of improving it, Paramount is too busy taking out classic attractions and teasing us with new ones only to rip them away. And there are promotions for EVERY film and t.v. show that they have out. It's everywhere. I'm about done with that park! *** This post was edited by Simcoaster on 8/18/2000. ***
Friday, August 18, 2000 2:40 PM
I wouldnt expect a giga twister but who knows it could happen.
Does anyone know anything about Paramounts Canada's Wonderland 2001?
Friday, August 18, 2000 2:55 PM
Sometimes i just get mad because PKI is my home park and i dont like people dissin it. But i agree with completely, everyone does have there own opinon.
Friday, August 18, 2000 4:36 PM
pki doesnt have enough room! and why build two big coasters in a row!
Friday, August 18, 2000 4:37 PM
my bad!!nvrmind

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