PKDs Flight of Fear RE-OPENS

^^Without an MCBR JJ just picks up speed during the 2nd half of the ride,too bad the brake on FOF really kills the effect,thus making what could've been a decent 2nd half almost as boring as the first half.

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Since the removal of the lapbars, all the Spaghetti bowls are vastly improved....just the ones that run *at speed* like Poltergeist, give the better, faster, rides. The others, in all honesty, lose alot of the thrill to this illusory "pacing"...

BigJim4Life said:
however, I can't see it as a "power" issue.

Volcano opened real late and with only half of the seats on each train. The main reason I've heard is due to lack of power the first season.

^ True I-Fan but FOF was working perfectly for nine straight seasons before PKD up & shut it down.

Remember,they had it walled off & removed from the map...had it been a power problem similar to V:TBC's opening season they wouldn't have gone as far as to remove it from the map & wall the ride off.

We were at PKD Sunday and Monday. Rode FOF both days. Monday it opened at noon. Over at Volcano they were even announcing the rides return and its location and telling everyone that it wasn't located on the park map because it was in a "secret government location". After we got off the ride on Monday there were two park managers asking everyone how they enjoyed the ride and what not. So I stopped and spoke with them a bit and asked why the ride had been closed during our visit earlier in the year. They said that the ride was originally planned to be moved to Canada and had even had some disassembly done to it before it was decided to keep the ride where it was and reopen.
Interesting... the same thing happened at Wonderland this year.

A fence was built up around The Orbiter (formerly known as Sol Loco) a Huss Giant Enterprise. A sign was even put up saying that the area was being worked on "For your future enjoyment". The ride was not on the park map.

It was then mostly disassembled, with the cars taken off, and put on skids. You could see them progressing week over week. The in mid July it seemed to stop and by August first, the ride was back together, the fence had two cut-out's (entry and exit) and the ride was running again.

I guess we know where FOF was going to be put. Right between Sledgehammer and IJ at PCW.

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^ Yep, the Giant Enterprise was closed when we were there, SpringCon. But considering the hyper-abundance of fantastic flats at that park, missing one (and a lesser one no less) was of no great consequence.

You should get GL's Impulse instead... ;)

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