Parks with go karts included in ticket price

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Funtown in Maine had an interesting policy for their go-karts. The go-karts are included in the ride wristband, however, you are limited to a maximum of two go-kart rides per visit.

There was something similar to that at Queens Land in India.

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That I know of off the top of my head, both Fun Spots in FL, Mt Olympus, and CJ Barrymore's just north of Detroit. Link since that's a more obscure park.

I rode the go-karts at Andretti a few times over the year, as I got a media tour after they opened and then I go during IAAPA during a private event. The track is really nice, with good turns and straightaways to build up speed. The original Sodi electric go-karts were scheduled to get replaced in 2020, after they opened in 2017. They went with a new supplier and I am curious to see how they will change the experience.

Another place with included Go-Karts in the POP wristband was Castles and Coasters in Phoenix, AZ.

Wild Adventures is an upcharge for day tickets and lowest annual pass level.Go Carts are included in upper tier AP's At least that is how it was 2 years ago .

I know Morey's Piers would include 1 go kart ride on each pier with their pay one price plan, but not sure if they still do that. Been about 10 years since we've been.

We have several Autobahn tracks within an hour of our house, but my favorite place to go and race is Slick Willys in Wyomissing PA. The track is better. I've only been to the closest Autobahn and that's about 20 minutes from home. They are a lot of fun. I'd get into the leagues if it wasn't so expensive.

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I'd suggest searching out a specialized electric go-kart facility as well. As already stated, they are so much better than the sputtering, governed, sit face level with the exhaust while you wait your turn for the track, gas powered pigs.

That being said, you can pry my LS3 powered Impala from my cold dead hands! (Or sponge my bloody remains off the concrete)

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(Or sponge my bloody remains off the concrete)

You should wear a seatbelt.

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I have Intamin lapbelts. And since they're Intamin...

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