Parks with go karts included in ticket price

Doing a little research and need to pick the collective's brain...

I couldn't find anything that specifically stated this, but I'm assuming the go karts are included in the ticket price for Mt Olympus (and not an upcharge). Looks like the Fun Spot parks do this too.

Are there any other parks around North America that do something similar with included go karts?


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Really? I'm unaware of any parks where go-karts aren't upcharge. Come to think of it, why exactly is that? Because of fluctuating gas prices? Maybe go-karts will become cheaper if it becomes common to replace them with electric charged karts. Someone call Elon Musk!

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Go-Kart attractions are very expensive to operate from a labor and operating cost perspective. Additionally, because it is participatory in nature, there is increased liability and claim risk.

Many parks are phasing out participortory go-kart attractions. Years ago, my park had four go-kart we have one; and I wouldn't be surprised if it went to zero sometime soon...

On my most recent trip to Mount Olympus four years ago the go-karts were included. A quick google search also leads me to believe that carts are still included as they are advertising unlimited go-kart rides.

I believe the go karts are included with the wristband at Lakeside in Denver.

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Go karts are also limited capacity like a skycoaster or a slingshot.

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Amusement park go karts aren't worth the upcharge to me. They are usually governed to hell; if I can floor the throttle the entire way around the track without hitting a wall, there's little point. That said, I've never been to Mt. Olympus, but aren't the karts one of the main attractions? If so, it would make sense to include them in the gate price.

Lakemont Park does too, though they're getting into FEC territory with some big boy rides.

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I think gas karts in general suck. The exhaust and crazy uneven performance and few places do timed laps... they just don't interest me. But electric indoor courses... those are amazing. And people wonder why I'm an EV fan. It started with electric kart racing.

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There's an old school track pretty close to where I live with gas carts that I take my kid to sometimes because it is dirt cheap and there's never a wait. An Andretti's just opened not too far from my house and I want to get up there sometime to try out the electric carts.

Jeff said:

But electric indoor courses... those are amazing. And people wonder why I'm an EV fan. It started with electric kart racing.

100% concur. I can't even ride a gas kart anymore. It's like comparing a launch coaster to a dragon wagon.

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The electric karts are really fun. There are a few Autobahn locations near me that I've been fact I think I still have some credits to use. I actually find that they are a little too slow to launch from a start, though, which surprised me.

The best karts I've driven though (non-electric) were at an outdoor location at a road racetrack 5 minutes from my house. The typical karts were 13hp / 50mph top speed (same as the e-karts), however if you beat the qualifying lap time (posted daily based on weather/track conditions) you can drive the "super" karts which are 28hp and a top speed of ~75mph. I only qualified once, my last visit...a few weeks before they closed up shop without warning. It was seriously one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Last I noticed Rye Playland didn't upcharge, if you're opting for their POP admission.

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The electric karts have enough torque and speed to really learn how to trust the drift of a car through a turn, in that ideal way that doesn't lose too much momentum and it still "catches" traction at the right time. Feeling the physics and the car fight back, that's what you never can get from video games and it's awesome.

In real life, with a real performance EV that's all-wheel drive, obviously I don't want to crash something like that, so I've never pushed one. I will say that it's pretty amazing when you can just point the wheel where you want to go and that's where it goes. Cornering like it's on rails is also fun.

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No doubt...honestly I notice no real difference in handling between gas or electric karts. I wish I'd gotten into karting when I was young, I'd be a filthy rich F1 driver. Well, a retired one.

I love videogame racing and have a full wheel and pedal setup for my Xbox (Forza, Project Cars, etc.). It's the closest thing you can get to a true driving simulator. And yeah, the physics are absolutely crucial...feeling the road (or concrete, if indoors), the lateral Gs, the steering feedback, etc.

Dammit. I miss having a fun car now...

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Jeff said:

But electric indoor courses... those are amazing.

We have the Andretti indoor tracks here in Orlando. Have you been there yet? They have a nice setup.


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In Orlando I've only been to the place a few blocks from Fun Spot. Been to K-1 Speed in other markets.

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Have any of you Floridians visited Dezerland yet? I watched a few YouTube videos of vloggers covering the new place in Orlando, and it looks pretty cool! Seems like a great idea for converting old shopping malls, especially up north, before another one gets bulldozed and taken over by Amazon.

Funtown in Maine had an interesting policy for their go-karts. The go-karts are included in the ride wristband, however, you are limited to a maximum of two go-kart rides per visit.

KSTR is correct. Rye Playland never had an upcharge to their go carts...

But the lines for them was always long and the loading insanely slow.

Looking back.. I was never on them.

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