PA new coaster competition?

The 2008 season is going to be exciting for us Pennsylvania people. Personally I live right smack in the middle of Hershey, Dorney, and Knoebels! I am less than an hour away from all three!

Knoebels Flying Turns has been in the works now since 2006. The anticipation is very high.

Farenheit at Hershey looks to be awesome, and no doubt a draw.

Voodoo at Dorney is not like anything else in the area, but after seeing how Wicked Twister at CP seems less popular, will it be enough to bring in the people?

How do you think the year will stack up with all parks debuting a new coaster? And will any park see less than exciting attendance because of hype elsewhere? Also, withfamilies that can't afford all three, who will get cut?

gary b
The construction of these new coasters (Along with the ones at Waldameer and Canada's Wonderland) is the reason I'll be going to Pennsylvania next summer. ;)

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I think one of the problems with Wicked Twister is its location. It's not in a heavily traveled part of the midway. If they threw something new over there, I think traffic would pick up.

And unlike Wicked Twister, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to see some (or all) parts of VooDoo from either I-78 or 222, which will get people's curiousity up.

Yes it is going to be a great summer for Central Pa. I think we are very fortunate to have three quality parks so close and even more with just a two to three hour drive! And what a treat to get three different coasters ( 2 of them new) at one shot! *** Edited 11/16/2007 3:56:12 PM UTC by Robert Barr***
Is Delgrossos going to build the Loopscrew they purchased?


Voodoo aka Steel Venom aka Superman Ultimate Escape should do okay.

That was one of my favorite rides. I liked it much more that Wicked Twister.

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Delgrossos corkscrew is going to open in 2008.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

That's 5 parks in all in the state getting new coasters next year. Has something like this happened before anywhere (not including Six Flags going off on one their 4 coasters at one time benders)?
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Something I just noticed about the Arrow Loopscrews...the only ones taken down have been rebuilt. WW/EV and SFGE both got theirs from now-defunct parks as well. But the fact that none have hit the scrap-heap is pretty impressive. Not that steel coaster preservation gets as much publicity, LOL. ;)

^RGB....I'd almost assume that (5 parks getting rides in one year) probably happened in OH or PA in the 1920s sometime...

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

I think Voodoo will be popular but will not boost attendance that much. I'm sure it will have a line on opening day but will rarely be more than a 1 - 2 cycle wait most days (summer weekends and Saturday Halloweekends excluded).
It's exciting to see so much going on in PA. Especially since it will be a very long time before there is ever again any kind of "coaster war" in Ohio...

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^^^ Ding, ding, ding! We have a winnah!

Not counting SF's manic buying binge of 2000-- According to rcdb's records, 5 coasters were added in PA in 1928, and also in 1927. 6 were added in 1923 (including the coaster that became Thunderhawk, and the original HP Wildcat). The big year seems to be 1905 when 8 coasters were opened in the state of PA.

I guess SC is getting 5 coasters too with the opening of Hard Rock.

crazy horse said:

Delgrossos corkscrew is going to open in 2008.

From what I've heard, it will not be opening for 2008.

While not in Central PA, lets not forget about Ravine Flyer II. While a few hours away, I'm still pretty pumped about that one.

Luckily I have Knoebel's (20 minutes), Hershey (1 hour), and Dorney (1.5 hours) pretty close to me, and I should be able to get on their new rides next year.

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Gary B: You will love Voodoo (aka Superman and Steel Venom). It is simply the best Impulse out there. It's better than Wicked Twister because of the straight back...much more thrilling than a backwards you more of a freefall effect. Plus, I think the double twist on Wicked Twister is too aggressive. Just my opinion, but my point is you are getting a fantastic ride that I will miss. If they keep the brake at the top of the straight are in for a real treat.

Farenheit looks like an incredible ride...I just wish it was a tad longer. The full loop looks nuts.

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Well Ohio had a bang up year in 2000:

B:KF, S:UE, Villain, and RR Express @ SFO

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RatherGoodBear said:^^^ Ding, ding, ding! We have a winnah!

What do I win? ;)

Honestly, if I could take *any* prize, a time-travel vacation to the "First Golden Age" would probably rank pretty high... :)

^ I was thinking more along the lines of a year's supply of Creamettes. :)

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It's a good time to be living in Pennsylvania. ;) ;) :)

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^PA's newest coaster tool posting on PA newest coaster competition? ;)

Just so there's birch beer in the fridge when I get there....LOL! :)

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