Ouimet says every Cedar Fair park has a spot for a dark ride

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Cedar Fair — the parent company of Knott's Berry Farm, Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland — has already introduced a pair of interactive dark rides and plans a portfolio of future attractions under the banner of Amusement Dark. Canada's Wonderland unveiled Wonder Mountain's Guardian in 2014 and Knott’s plans to open Voyage to the Iron Reef on May 15. Both attractions were designed by Montreal-based Triotech, a relative newcomer to dark-ride manufacturing.

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This is a thread that calls for a good "Gonch-back" - I know we covered this over a decade ago, back when Knott's still had it's previous dark ride (Kingdom of the Dinosaurs).

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I love the idea of each story having the element of an unseen world underneath each park. Even though it is fantasy, it makes the story more believable.

I think it would be kind of fun to guess where all these new dark rides could go...

Kings Island? The big Tomb Raider box. Hopefully, they wouldn't take out Boo Blasters for a new dark ride. Boo Blasters is really fun, although it would be a slightly similar experience as the new concept.

Cedar Point? The rumor has been that they will remove the arcade under the ballroom for a dark ride, but do not like that idea.

Come to think of it, all of these parks have haunted attractions in the fall, so any of those locations could be easily transformed into a spot for a dark ride. From what I understand, I don't think these dark rides take up a lot of space.

I would love to see more than one good dark ride at every park. Dark ride technology has come so far in the last few decades, and yet, not many new dark rides are built.

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Where is that CP rumor a rumor? That's something silly a kid on PointBuzz would say. :)

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I didn't see this and just submitted it, lol.

I definitely think that the former Paramount Parks could get this in the Action Theaters. That's where I'd start.

Still loving having Matt Ouimet as the CEO. Dick Who?

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LostKause said:
I love the idea of each story having the element of an unseen world underneath each park. Even though it is fantasy, it makes the story more believable.

The world under Michigan's Adventure would be the same, but with lots of new oversized rides and no increases to admission prices

Located mid timber obviously

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Installing rides on the ground floor of the Coliseum always strikes me as unlikely. Having to work around all the -- columns? -- just seems like it would make a project far more difficult and expensive.

Agree with LK: love the idea of unseen worlds beneath the parks.

I'm intrigued by the Amusement Dark logo turning up on the CW and KBF websites.

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I could see CP doing something Western themed (as mentioned in the article comments)...and lots of room back there.

But i would more so see CP doing something having to do with Lake Erie....All(most) Ohioan's know about the lore of the South Bay Bessie aka Lake Erie Monster...heck there's a hockey team, beer, etc...VERY easy to market here in Ohio and the surrounding areas.

I can't help but think that Knott's is a test with their water serpent theme for a larger version at CP...Much like that launch coaster thing wayyyy back when. ;-)

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Lets hope Knott's darkride works out for them. A group of friends and myself went to Knott's in the spring of '03 to get a taste of what Dragster was going to be like. And we did! It was closed.


If they are going the dark-ride direction, they should go the Calico Railroad route and install some rides that everyone can ride. That is something Cedar Fair parks definitely lack. There is a reason that Disney parks are the highest attended parks in the world, everyone has a lot do to there all day long.

They failed on producing this at Wonder Mountain as they tried to make it a half-thrill ride and classify it as a coaster.

I personally don't find video-based rides entertaining. I can sit at home and watch videos. That's one reason I don't really care for Universal that much, too many of their attractions are video based.

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I'm not that enthusiastic about Knott's adding a video game ride. But I really can't complain. The past few years have been wonderful. I do like the unique theme.

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While it would have been nice to see something more in the vein of Knott's Bear-y Tales, Voyage to the Iron Reef will at least be putting a new attraction into what has just been an empty spot otherwise. In terms of any theming I have a feeling Knott's will fight the good fight to give Iron Reef a bit of character beyond the fairly bare-bones route of Wonder Mountain's Guardian.

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Maybe a dark ride right in the middle of Mean Streak. How about a portion of the ride when Mean Streak rushes "inside" the dark ride building and scares the crap out of riders on the dark ride? Maybe that is biting off more than they can chew.

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It would, I think, have been biting off more than they could chew for the previous regime.

Developing the Amusement Dark name, getting the trademark, developing a logo, seems like a lot of work for something that turns up at the bottom of the webpage for one attraction per park (down the line, that is).

I'm wondering if (down the line), there are bigger plans for Amusement Dark. It could easily fit in as a promotional component for the various Halloween events at the parks, for example.

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Was pretty sure I read something last night on FB about a year-round dark-ride thing at Dorney around/on the spot where the old Camp C-U-Die was located. Can't find anything official on confirm-y online today, so maybe I just had one too many last night?

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I would think that carowinds would get a dark ride themed to North Carolina and South Carolina. Kd would probably get a volcano themed dark ride.

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But removing Volcano the Blast Coaster to install a dark ride or adding a second volcano-themed ride doesn't seem to make much sense. (Though a volcano-themed dark ride could be very cool. Er, hot.)

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How much room is there in the old Time Shaft part of the mountain? Enough for track and two screens?

I would hope that with them pushing park heritage, I'd love to see a dark ride at Carowinds themed to Black Beard. Wish they still had Black Beards Revenge. It was better than a boomerang.

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They could put a dark ride behind the volcano. make it seem like it is in the volcano, put the queue in the volcano so people have the illusion that they are in it. It would be kind of like wonder mountain, which also has many rides on it.

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