Orlando Magic NBA team will feature logos, special seating and Walt Disney World passes for sale at arena

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The Magic will have a new Disney-branded special seating and hospitality area. The team will also sell annual passes to Walt Disney World for the first time and intends to sell jerseys with the Disney logo on them.

Read more from ESPN.

Seems like a good fit. Better than GE and the Celtics. Goodyear's winged foot to me looks fine with the Cavs. Will be interesting to see far the NBA takes advertising on uniforms. Will players look like Nascar drivers? Presumably not but if revenues are there, seems likely they would increase from the one patch approach.

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They won't ever go as far as Nascar but I am sure that the sponsor logo and team crest will be swapping places sooner or later. Look at professional sports globally or soccer here in the US.

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You mean it's not the Florida Hospital Purple Soccer Club?

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I understand sponsorship and the need for it at times but I really don't like when the uniform looks like you work for a company and not play a sport. I am not a huge soccer fan but when I do watch it is annoying to me that I can look at a player and not know who he plays for because the only logo that is visible is a company/sponsor. NASCAR is of course different because the sponsor is the team itself so when I see the driver in the Tide outfit, I know its the Tide Car. I am not excited for this moving into major league sports. Keep the names of the sponsors on the stadium/arena signage.


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Oh no! The NBA has priced itself ...

...never mind. I'm not surprised that a for-profit business has found another way to make money.

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Pretty soon, the substitute players will have to buy FastPass to get off the bench and onto the floor.

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At least then, they can look down their noses at the water boy.

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If we could get a Gonchback (TM), I'd swear we had this discussion about a decade ago...

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rollergator said:

If we could get a Gonchback (TM), I'd swear we had this discussion about a decade ago...

Best I can find is this thread talking about advertising in Disney video games with one post mentioning NBA players advertising on their skin.


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