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Friday, December 10, 2004 3:26 PM
When I visited Walt Disney World about 3 years ago, I absolutely loved RnRC. I thought the ride was a blast and loved every minute of it. Some time later, I went to PKI and I rode FoF. Given the two rides are made by different companies, but they are VERY similar in feel and length. In fact, PKI's should be even better with lap bars instead of horse collars, but that was not my opinion. I loved the RnRC, and I thought FoF was just ok. I couldn't figure out why for the longest time, but finally it came to me. I liked RnRC so much because they blast Aerosmith into your ear the entier ride.

My questiones. . .

#1 - Are there any other coasters that use music like RnRC does? I know many flat rides do, but that is just because they don't cover a large amout of space, and they can blast music from large speakers at the base of the ride.

#2 - Did the music on RnRC, or any other ride that might have music, have as big an effect on any of you?

#3 - Why don't more parks build more coasters with trains that can play music?

Friday, December 10, 2004 3:34 PM
It seems like its mostly a Disney thing.

California Screamin' at DCA has music, as does Space Mountain at Disneyland and Disneyland Paris. Not too surprisingly the other version of RnRC in Paris has music.

I think the music adds a lot to these rides.

I'm sure that other parks would incorporate music if it didn't cost so much. California Screamin' was designed with music in mind, with speakers all over the trains. I'm sure it costs a lot of money, not just to build, but to keep up. Even on that ride, the music doesn't always work. I know that as cool as it is, that adding music to a coaster is probably a pretty expensive venture.

Friday, December 10, 2004 3:35 PM
1] Other than the other RnRC in Paris?

DLP's Space Mountain has an on-ride soundtrack [IIRC it was the first] and for a brief time the version in Anaheim did as well [and will again when the new version opens next year]. Not sure if Florida or Tokyo Space Mtns did/do have music.

California Screamin' at DCA has an on-ride sound track. Ditto for both Revenge of the Mummy coasters at the Florida and Hollywood Universal parks.

2] A big affect? No...but I enjoy it.

3] Cost.

Friday, December 10, 2004 4:12 PM
I thought Screamin's music was meh at best---too cheesy. The Parisian Space's, though, was pretty darn cool.
Friday, December 10, 2004 4:21 PM
Efteling's Vogel Rok has a music soundtrack too.

BTW, the Flight of Fear coasters have (or at least used to have) sound during the ride. It was kinda of a space music-like sound, but the speakers were not in the trains.

Friday, December 10, 2004 4:30 PM
Def. liked the music on CA Screamin' best of all...I haven't been to Efteling or DLP...

But I'm a *noted* fan of "non-Aerosmith" music...;)

Friday, December 10, 2004 6:13 PM
Didn't Disney get John Williams to score the music for the DLP version of Space Mountain?
Friday, December 10, 2004 6:51 PM
It's not a coaster, but the Intamin Gyro Drop, Scream at Heide-Park, has a really good on-ride theme that heightens the suspense of getting higher and higher waiting to plummet back to earth. There was a POV video of that doing the rounds a while ago in which you could hear the music -- no idea where I found it though.

FWIW, if anyone knows where I can get hold of a CD of the Paris Space Mountain theme I'd love to hear from them. I have a mediocre quality MP3 at the moment only.

Friday, December 10, 2004 7:27 PM
I tried to listen to The Berzerker on Thunderhead this year. I was there the Thursday before Labor Day and the park was closed. Unfortunately my cd player didn't play loud enough to actually hear the musice but it would have been sweet!

If your wondering imangine FAST brutal metal with a drum machine doing 10,000 bpm (beats per minute). Good Stuff! \m/

Friday, December 10, 2004 10:19 PM
IJ:ST at PKI and PCW will have car sounds in the speakers in the headrest.
Friday, December 10, 2004 10:55 PM
Too bad the music on California Screamin' isn't loud enough to hear it anymore.
Friday, December 10, 2004 11:12 PM
I really enjoyed the music on FoF @ PKD when I rode. It was playing all 3 times, and it really fit the coaster theme. It was loud, not too loud, and it added atmosphere.

I couldn't figure out why, though I loved the ride, I was less impressed with PKI's FoF, until I realized there was no music. Just off that day, or do they play it anymore?

Saturday, December 11, 2004 1:10 AM
Hmm, I guess it probably is hard to find music that everyone likes. I can't imagine anyone really hating Aerosmith, although they aren't my favorite band. I think even crappy techno music would add a lot to the experience of a ride. I even think the crappy radio rock (creed, 3 days grace. . .) that Chaos at CP plays adds a lot to that ride.

How much more expensive is it to add music to a train? Any estimates?

Saturday, December 11, 2004 1:14 AM
Sorry, couldn't help but contribute this...the kids love this one...at Sesame Place, the Vapor Trail roller coaster, Grover speaks leaving the station, going up the lift hill (at the top) and on the brake run...

Back story to the ride: Super Grover flies into space for some odd reason, I can't remember what for though...

Leaving the station: "Superheroes! We are clear for takeoff!"

Going up the lift hill: "Wave to your mommies and daddies!"

And entering the brake run: "HEEEYYYY MAMMA!" :)

Saturday, December 11, 2004 1:18 AM
BigJim - thanks, you've reminded me of another: Legoland California's Mouse. While not onboard the car the ride does have sound effects during the ride. And doesn't Triceratop Spin as well?


Saturday, December 11, 2004 11:45 AM
If you mean Primeval Whirl at Disney's Animal Kingdom, yes it has sound effects during the ride, but they don't use an on-board sound system. Likewise, Exterminator at Kennywood also has sound effects along the way.
Saturday, December 11, 2004 6:05 PM
If you're talking about sound systems that add to the ride, but not on the train themselves, you're missing the best one of all. Top Thrill Dragster's soundtrack with the dragster engine reving and the tires squeeling does a lot to that ride. The whole time waiting at the staging area would be boring without it.
Saturday, December 11, 2004 6:19 PM
For those wishing to see what an on ride sound system can do for the ride, check out this video of California Screamin care of America Coasters Network:


Try it first with your speakers off, then try it again with the sound on. ACN did a really nice job of dubbing the soundtrack CD with the actual ride, it's a shame you usually can't hear the music that clearly while you're riding. But I find the music just adds to the ride, especially on the launch, the "lift hill," and the bunny hops towards the end. See if you don't agree.

Saturday, December 11, 2004 6:53 PM
Tire squeeling is not what makes Dragster exciting. . .

In regaurds to the DCA ride, I think the music is kind of annoying, but it definately makes the ride better than it would be with just a roar and screams.

Sunday, December 12, 2004 12:02 AM
^Tire squealing may not make Dragster exciting, but it does add to the atmosphere and gives the ride a little "extra."

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