Official Maverick POV.

There is now an official Maverick POV.

The OnPoint! blog gives this link: as well as some other links.

I know I've been waiting for this for awhile, but I know some people are not a fan of POV videos.

My apologies if this has already been posted.

Nice find.

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It was posted in the revived Maverick Update topic. But if you haven't rode it, what you see isn't what you get. Same track, but the thrill you get while on it, can't be captured by a POV.

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Wish they would have done this mid-day rather than in the morning. It's hard to see at some points. Truly is a very quiet coaster though!
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Doing it during the day would have been difficult with the general public being there. The hooking up and disconnecting the camera would have taken a little while.

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Coasterkiwi wrote in the other topic:

What happened to the canyons and rocks in the animated vids? The landscaping looks gross, I hope they're still working on it.

If you watch the video, it may seem like it looks gross, haven't really cared that much, but really, only people who see it, are those who are riding Maverick. Everyone outside, can't see in, and where they can, it does look nice. But also, you're going so fast, that when you're flying around at 45 and 70 mph, you're not thinking, "Is that ALL they're going to do with that rock?" You're thinking, "That rock wasn't needed, you know the one that looked like a huge grayish blur."

Watching the video, I thought I might as well see, but yea, there really isn't any scenery, but I did like that one of the last things you see on the ride, the last bit of air time, you see the huge M under the bunny hill. I thought that was cool.
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-Why is Wicked Twister closed?
~Biting Flies.
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The lack of completed theming is still a bit disappointing, regardless.

It's not like it's that big a deal but under-promising and over-delivering would have been what I preferred but of course if they had to make a choice between getting the ride open and finishing the theming in the video they made the right choice.

This video does this ride no justice, this ride is fine without theming, except for the tunnel, that's just awesome.

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There were two things they left out, the "thing" over the first drop and something else. It's such a loss that I can't even remember what they were in the animation.

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I believe you're referring to the coal tipple around the first turn after the drop and the "mine shaft" around the turn leading into the horseshoe.

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I think they are missing the Heartline Roll Jeff. Just Kidding

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Great pov. Maverick is a great and intense ride.
It is also missing the groans and loud exclamations of "ouch" that the riders exclaim out loud as they get their ears bashed as the trains navigate the turns at the start of the ride. It is really bad, you can even hear it as you stand on the exit stairs. Not too many happy faces coming back into the station and very unenthusiastic responses to "how was your ride" when the train comes back in -- and this was the general public on the day of CoasterMania.

Personally it was an all right ride once you know how to brace yourself through the course. If I could ride the ride from the floater hill to the end of the launch and get off I would say I love the ride, but I hate the start and hate after the launch. Too jerky of transitions and too much speed is not a good combo. I thought I was the only one who though the ride was "meh" until I talked to others at lunch at Mania. It was interesting how every single person paused for quite awhile before saying "it was all right, but not my favorite". It was only the diehard CP fanbois who were going "It r0x0red and PWNS Millennium Force".

It is a decent addition to CP, but doesn't even break the top 5 rides there at the Point.

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Not too many happy faces coming back into the station and very unenthusiastic responses to "how was your ride" when the train comes back in -- and this was the general public on the day of CoasterMania.

Weird. You could literally hear the cheers quite a way down the midway the day I was there.

^That was because they were happy the ride was over and they could go queue for a decent ride like MForce. ;)
There are some recent Intamin launchers where jerkyness has been a complaint...
Will there be a Premier-like "sans OTSR" solution in the future?
My guess is the 0G roll would have been safe, but the worst of the jerky transitions of the coaster (+ possibly the mentioned stress problem).

I wonder what happened if they - assuming a utopian ideal world in which all humans were allowed to share knowledge without economic constraints for a moment - put X-car like restrained trains on the ride.

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Well I thought it was interesting how the question came up at the Q&A why they put OTSR on Mavie and how much discomfort they caused (which brought on a large agreement from the audience) to which Mr. Kinzel replied that Intamin was the ones who thought it neccessary to have them and that he (Intamin) was pushing the addition of the OTSR on all of his new coasters.... so I do not see a retro-fit in the near future, but honestly think T-bar restraints would really help in the "enjoyability-factor" of the ride.
I bashed my ear slightly on the first turn, and then placed my hands over the OTSR. From that point on the ride was very enjoyable and "sans bashing". The inversions in the horseshoe roll are darn-near-perfect. I could have done without the strong blast of water in the eye, though.

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I haven't seen rider response this enthusiastic since Millennium Force opened. People are eating this thing up.

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^Hmmm... maybe it was just on the day of CoasterMania that the riders were not enjoying it?!?!

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