Notorious Coasters

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 7:06 PM
Acoustic Viscosity's avatar Which aisle are they in, John? Wal-Mart is a BIG place. :)

AV Matt
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006 9:19 PM
rollergator's avatar ^ For under 10 bucks, it's worth my time to look around... :)
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 12:55 AM

rablat5 said:
Notorious for what? Height? Speed? Roughness? Number of inversions?

The 3 definitions I came up with for the word notorious are:

"Known widely and usually unfavorably; infamous"

"generally known and talked of"

"having an exceedingly bad reputation"

So, which do you prefer we use?

i prefer all the above but i like the word infamous the most.

i have two more Drachen Fire and the cedar point cyclone

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 1:04 AM
I agree with Drachen Fire. That thing began more famous as SBNO than it was operating.

Also, I agree with the Steel Phantom. Not just because of the headbanging and the "earring" rule, but because of the outcry when KW announced they were removing it.

Finally, I would probably Mean Streak, just because of its unfavorable reputation at a highly visible park.

Could TTD, Kingda Ka,and SOB be notorious someday? History shall tell..

KW Team Member

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 1:09 AM
beeman i think Son of beast has already hit that status. but thats just me
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 1:47 AM
Mamoosh's avatar MTR? ;)
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 7:56 AM
Oaks Park Zip
Cyclone Racers
Riverside Cyclone


Wednesday, July 19, 2006 8:04 AM
Rye's Aeroplane Coaster had it's share of notoriety. I mentioned this one in another thread.

Arthur Bahl

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 8:49 AM

Mamoosh said:
MTR? ;)

That's so passe'.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 9:15 AM
Any Toboggan ever made. Those are Notorious.

"Oh look, so small, short and no inversions! How rough could that be?"
Maybe that's the ride that made Duran Duran stutter: N-N-Notorious.

The few times i've riden them i felt they'd need the Jaws-of-Life to pull me out of there.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 10:07 AM
I think it is way too soon to put TTD or Ka in here. They have some reliability issues to sort out, but the rides themselves are impressive (when they work).

Mean Streak isn't "notorious" so much as it is simply not as much fun to ride as it is to look at.

SOB, with the recent incident, is probably on the "notorious" list, as is pretty much ANY coaster that has ever had a significant accident.(injuries/deaths)

Drachen Fire is a good one because of the ongoing controvery about it. It was the longest-running SBNO source of gossip I can remember in a major modern park. *** Edited 7/19/2006 2:08:30 PM UTC by brunus76***

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 1:47 PM
how about steel dragon 2000 it only worked for what like 3 years and is now SBNO
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 3:20 PM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar

Mamoosh said:

I thought that was the most difficult credit to obtain? ;)


*** Edited 7/19/2006 9:18:25 PM UTC by coasterqueenTRN***

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 3:31 PM
Predator at Six Flags Darien Lake is really rough.
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 3:33 PM
boblogone's avatar "abtain"? Is that hicklish for obtain or abstain? I'm lost. ??? ;)

Jack Rabbit is notorious for people being thrown from it and killed. ;)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:08 PM
At least she said "difficult." ;)
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:19 PM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar Corrected. Happy now?


Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:46 PM
boblogone which jack rabbit are you talking about
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 6:21 PM
I dont know how notorious it is, but a few years back my wife,my daughter and I rode the Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and enjoyed it very much. About 3 days after getting home, we were watching a show on The Discovery Channel about rollercoasters and it was listed as one of the Worlds Top Ten most Dangerous Roller Coasters.And come to think of it, after a train came down the last hill,you could actually see the track swaying back and forth.
Wednesday, July 19, 2006 6:41 PM

Skatewithnomercy said:
how about steel dragon 2000 it only worked for what like 3 years and is now SBNO

But it was a minor accident with minor injuries that could have been fixed and running in a week. It's only closed due to Japanese superstition. But, I guess you're still could be notorious for that very reason.

Imagine having a busted AC on your car and being scared of its safety not driving it for years...that's about it's situation!

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