No more haunt?

I looked at the valleyfair! website and looks like there season ends at the end of September. Does this mean they cut the haunt?
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Maybe they are shipping it back to geauga lake??

One can only hope.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

maybe... since the park did reach about 750,000k without it...
Hmmm.... Perhaps it is just too cold up in Minnesota that time of year for HAUNT. They do still have the HAUNT page up on their site for this year, so there is still hope.

Then again Worlds of Fun is supposed to be expanding their HAUNT again this coming season -- that would be an easy addition to just absorb the mazes and decorations from VF!

I was going to go on the last day this year but it was way too cold. I called during the day to get the status of rides open (the website said to call) and they said they would probably all be closed due to the cold. At that time of year in MN the temp is hit or miss. It could be 50 or -5. They could put all that work into it and then not make a dime due to winds from Canada. I blame Canada.
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I think it is just too early to tell. Valleyfair must have just changed their website. When I looked at it yesterday, it was the same website as in the 2006 season. The new calender for 2007 only goes through September. However there is still a link at the bottom of the home page for the 2006 halloween haunt. The haunt is also discussed under "what's new" - also left over from 2006. It seems like VF is in the process of updating their website and it is still not complete. The park map is still for 2006 and doesn't include renegade.

That being said, I don't think the halloween haunt was very successful in 2006 - it's first season. The weather was very cold in October although November and December have been mild. I haven't seen any attendance numbers for the event, but I don't think it was great.

I believe VF announced the 2006 haunt in June - so there is still plenty of time for them to decide.


The haunt at geauga lake was sucessful. All the locals went and it was a nice place to go seeing they had 3 haunted houses and other haunted attractions plus rides for about 25$ was good, most haunted houses are about 8 dollars to go just once through. Ohio parks did very well during october in the 2006 sesaon. There was a rumor on another website that there were haunt props sited back at geauga lake but i couldnt confirm that.

Plus Geauga lake's numbers were up at the end of the season and i think if the park was open for about 4 more weekends that it could have brought some good money to the park.

750,000 is a pretty respectable figure for attendance when you think that the season was shortened last year. Oktoberfest drew very big crowds in September and that momentum could have carried over into the Haunt if GL still had it despite the cold weather in October.

Makes you wonder what the figures would have been if they had those few extra weekends thrown in.

X Factor

lets hope that the board is thinking the same way
By no means everyone, but many people seem to think that ValleyScare! was the park's first attempt at Halloween.

The park had Halloweekends for three years in the past. You can see a brochure for the original event here:


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^ Mike, thanks for the link. I hadn't realized there had been previous attempts at a halloween haunt at VF. Let's hope it works out for the park better this time, than the last attempt.
as of right now... that dosnt seem that way. but we can always wait and see
Well rumor has it that the recent employee rehire newsletter mentions it will be back for 2007. We'll see if that is fact or fiction.

I was aware that VF had Halloweekends before and that was eliminated due to lack of interest (and climate).

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^ Well, with renegade openning this year, that should help with the interest aspect. As for climate, that is the difficult part...
I know a few people who would be VERY happy if the Haunt moved back to GL. :)
Geauga Lake and Valleyfair! have a Halloween Haunt? Since when did this happen? I know those two parks have had past attempts at a halloween event, but I didn't know they renamed it after the famous Knott's event. Sure, it's quite trivial, but why take the name of the industry's oldest and biggest theme park halloween event (Halloween Haunt at Knott's Scary Farm) and franchise it in Ohio and Minnesota?
^Well to be honest, Valleyfair's goes more by ValleySCARE then HAUNT, but like you said that is trivial and to be honest noone in Ohio or Minnesota are going to know (or care) about Cali's and viceversa
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CP Chris said:
I know a few people who would be VERY happy if the Haunt moved back to GL.

1eJ raises his hand "I would!!!" *** Edited 1/5/2007 3:21:35 PM UTC by 1EyedJack***

I think people are reading a little too much into this. As far as I remember, last year the Haunt dates were not listed on the main park calendar either, only on the ValleyScare website.

Putting the 'odd' in Todd since 1976...
maybe thats why noone went....

no I remember it being on the main callendar

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