No Dark Knight for 2008 at Six Flags New England

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Citing construction delays, Six Flags New England announced today that its new $7.5 million Dark Knight Coaster will not open in 2008. Construction was halted for a time by Agawam building officials' concerns over flood plain issues and changes in the footprint of the structure. The park will introduce a parade instead for this year.

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Sounds like they are scrapping plans completely for this. According to another article they are tearing down everything they have build so far for it.

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Bad news for SFNE...potential good news for BatwingSFA! lol :)
Why did you delete the thread i started about the dark knight being scrapped?
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My guess is that it was deleted because it is NEWS and belongs on the NEWS page. Did you submit it to the NEWS section?

mOOSH (has also had threads closed and deleted)

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What he said.
I have submitted news 3 times and all 3 times it took like 4 days for it to be posted. The ride will be gone by then, thats why i didnt post it as news.
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Step 1 - step away from the computer.
Step 2 - pour yourself a glass of water.
Step 3 - take two ritalin.
Step 4 - chill out!
But I want to be the center of attention NOW! ;)


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There has to be some stuff going on here. Lots of coasters get delayed and pushed back for myriads of reasons but I can't remember a time that a coaster was either pushed back a year or canceled altogether when it was already this far into the construction phase.
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Well... there is always the rumor that Six Flags has been looking at land "south of the border" in CT. I highly doubt any truth to this, but it seems that Six Flags and Agawam have a love hate realtionship. I know I am not the only person who would not have a clue where Agawam is if it weren't for the large theme park located at the end of town.

Seems to me that Six Flags has to generate a nice amount of tax revenue, not to mention local businesses such as hotels, gas stations, and resturants being able to pull in some cash. I am not sure if the politicians that are lording over that district could bring anything close to what SFNE does for their local economy to Agawam, or taxachussets for that matter...

There use to be a time when I would totally agree with Jeff (and others) that a lot of what Lance from Screamscape posted was just speculation or rumors without any factual basis. But now? It seems there are a lot of people who aren't keeping their mouths shut. I would say that there are some major leaks going on inside of many an amusement company and/or amusement park.

So, sorry to sound like Broken Record Man, but had this been sent to SFA instead, there's plenty of room next to Joker's Jinx, or in between S:ROS and Batwing and I don't think there are any flood plains to worry about. There also isn't a lot of congestion which would raise red flags in those areas amongst the fire inspector.

I hate to say this, but after everything SFNE has gotten over the last few years--and before--I think a year off is good for them. I hope you enjoy your parade as I'm sure it'll be just as awesome as the Dark Knight (sarcasm). Maybe next time the park decides to build something, they'll actually file permits. Idiots.
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If this coaster is not going to SFNE this season, then what are they doing with it? Would it be reasonable to assume they would just move it to another park... perhaps SFKK which is hurting for a new ride after everything that has happened.
I want to believe Six Flags can turn it around, but for reasons like this I can't. They keep shooting themselves in the foot.

Building anything at SFA isn't as easy it seems. The approval process at SFA would probably be as brutal or worst than SFNE. Particularly with the concerns the community has raised about such projects in the past. Everything from a tent to the design of a bolt has scrutinized.

Could they send this coaster to another Six Flags chain park?


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^*IF* it leaves SFNE then it *will* show up elsewhere.

Still seems like between SF and Agawam, there should be at least one adult on each side somewhere who can figure out how to work together...for the good of the park and for the good of the community.

^Hehehehe....I'll go play hacky-sack with the dreadlocked kids next to the VW van now.....

Didn't SFNE management already say that the ride would not be opening there,not in 2008,or in the future? That means that assuming the ride has been paid for they'll have to send it to another park.

SFKK already has a mouse IIRC with Roadrunner express so they can be ruled out but I don't see SFA getting it next year either.

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I don't see where they said it wouldn't open at all at SFNE.
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"SFKK already has a mouse IIRC with Roadrunner express so they can be ruled out but I don't see SFA getting it next year either."

Nope, SFGAm disagrees.

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