No Dark Knight for 2008 at Six Flags New England

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Citing construction delays, Six Flags New England announced today that its new $7.5 million Dark Knight Coaster will not open in 2008. Construction was halted for a time by Agawam building officials' concerns over flood plain issues and changes in the footprint of the structure. The park will introduce a parade instead for this year.

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^ Ya, but Great America's mouse is a spinner, at least there's some sort of differentiation in the ride experience.
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DK's layout is quite different than the spinner. Plus Dark Knight is indoors. And heavily themed. But yeah, other than the spinning and the layouts and the theme and the whole indoor/outdoor thing both rides are identical, lol.

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This story has a quote from park president Larry Litton saying that what has already been build will be taken down and stored for possible use at anothe park and that there are no plans to build the ride at SFNE.

put the thing next to tony hawk at SFFT, three coasters in three years is pretty good haha...

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