New Vekoma SLC Trains

Rob, don't worry. The Great Nor'easter is in no danger of being removed anytime soon. This is purley a move to increase ridership, and open up the ride to a host of new folks who want the experience without the bang.

I rode it again today. Much better, even in colder weather. Its a winner. Watch this link!

Looks nice! My only concern is being pinned to my seat... That feeling of having a compressed chest... just something to complain about I guess.
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There you go... replacement due to decreased ridership. That's a reason I can understand. Beats having an 8-figure static architectural piece.

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Is this fighting off decreased ridership, or is this an attempt to get even more riders? I spend a lot of time in Wildwood each summer and the lines for the coaster seem the same to me as they were in 1995.
I did not say 'decreasing ridership', its a way to 'increase ridership'. The GNE is the flagship coaster, not a 'second banana' like most SLC's are in the US. Its no B&M, but its no door knob either.

There are guests who ride once, or rode it once and steer away in leiu of the Great White because of the restraints. Moreys wants them back to re-enjoy the ride.

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Well if you want to increase ridership, that implies there are empty seats.

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I have never seen them.
The Nor'easter very rarely dispatches with empties. Even during the slower afternoon hours, it's strange when trains being dispatched at regular intervals have more than a few available seats. I've never seen a line more than 10 or 15 minutes but that's because Morey's puts all other parks to shame (except Knoebels) when it comes to efficiency.
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Hey, since when is the Nor'Easter white, and not pink??

Man, I'm out of the loop. (No, I did NOT intend for that to be a pun...:) )


It was repainted two or three years ago and was a great move. The salt air made the coral pink color look like sh*t after two seasons and the white structure makes possible the new lighting system that makes the coaster various shades of blue, green, red and purple at night.
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Well I don't understand then. How do you increase ridership if the seats are always filled? You could have more operating hours, I suppose, but then that has nothing to do with the train.

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What Agent Johnson is saying, is that the riders that do not enjoy the "hang and bang" of the Great Nor' Easter will now be able to climb aboard and experience the ride without that aspect.

Therefore, it broadens audience with a better rider experience. That would never imply "empty seats", there is just a certain portion of individuals that cannot handle the rougher aspect of the old trains. *** Edited 10/12/2007 3:18:15 PM UTC by Alex Sackawicz***

You stepped up, you stepped in, now I'm going to take you for a little spin.

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No, he said the change was to increase ridership (and the POAC article says the same thing), but he contends he never sees empty seats. So which is it?

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When does increasing ridership necessarily mean there is empty seats? If the audience is broadened to new areas, that's an increase in ridership among guests in the certain devision that didn't enjoy the old design.

You stepped up, you stepped in, now I'm going to take you for a little spin.

Morey's usually runs one train during non-peak hours and two trains during peak hours. Ridership could easily increase during non-peak hours by creating a demand that would neccessitate the use of two trains or requiring less time in between dispatches. Besides, I think you're taking the comment a little too literally. It's not that there are never empty seats, it's just that the ride isn't exactly unpopular. You'll always find a crowd.
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Just a thought...

If 10,000 riders take a million rides in scenario A, but 15,000 riders take a million rides in scenario B....would that be "increased ridership"? I'm accepting arguments on both sides... ;)

edit, post-Alex: I'm thinking enhancing the number of people willing to ride has the desired effect on the bottom line. Increasing the number of people at the ticket/POP window...

edit 2: Jeff's point DOES make sense too....

edit 3: But, Rob's idea of needing to add a second train more often is also valid...

*** Edited 10/12/2007 4:11:55 PM UTC by rollergator***

It would be more riders, wouldn't it?

You stepped up, you stepped in, now I'm going to take you for a little spin.

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