New Vekoma SLC Trains

I just rode one. It is another winner. Like a new flying sensation.
Just Lap Bars, right?

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Lap bars, but with the shoulder restraints like the flying coasters. Flexible, yet, sturdy and comfortable.

Much better on the SLC's than the X-Flights.

You're making me jealous.
Which one did you ride?
Do the shoulder straps get tighter and tighter if you don't hold em out?

Do the trains ride different? Vibration, lurching, side to side? Can't wait to get some of these trains over here!

They tighten up a little but in the corkscrew. I rode the Great Nor'Easter, with the lead car as the new coach.
Vekoma started using steerable trucks in 2005. I think the first to use them were the SLC in Magic Springs. This eliminates a lot of the jarring. The front and back motion from the train compressing in the loops is still there but now you'll have soft padding instead of a horse collar.


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^I rode Magic Springs "new" '05. Whatever the *improvements* were, they were anything but substantive in terms of ride quality.

I know that NOT having standard OTSRs will eliminate the headbanging - but does the train still vibrate and rattle (which I assume was SUPPOSED to be fixed by the *solution* Chuck mentioned)?

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I don't know Gator, I find a smooth ride is rare on any TRACK the wheels are on the inside off.

Too much play.

I always founf it to be remarkable, that Vekoma made numerous attempts to change the trains, while the actual design of the SLCs was only slightly chanded from 1st to 3rd generation.
The main reasons for the jarring ride - the long combined with the small inversions - were not changed at all.
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SFKK, are you listening? ;)
Any pics of these things?

I'm sure they look just like these.
Actually, the Great Nor'easter is the one SLC that ever gave me a smooth ride. I was SHOCKED :) I bet this will also improve it even more.

Real Cbuzz quote of the day - "The classes i take in collage are so mor adcanced then u could imagen. Dont talk about my emglihs" - Adamforce
^ I agree Peabody the Nor'easter is one of the smoothest ones I have ridden as well. The new restraints will definitely help the comfort, and make them much more ridable. I wonder how many parks will be willing to make the investment in these new trains?
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Nor'Easter is also "enclosed" in a way that makes it MUCH more exciting that the other SLCs... ;)
Hey, Johnson - don't you think being able to reach out and touch the track supports while going up the lift sports a bit of an issue?

You stepped up, you stepped in, now I'm going to take you for a little spin.

You are not near the track. You sit 'down in', like a Chrysler bucket seat on an old Duster. Its just pure comfort.

The coach has an open feeling, due to the overbuilt and padded shoulder harnesses. Now you can see to the left and right.

Totally opposite of the Arrow Pipeline restraints that placed you next to the track.

I too was invited to test out the new seats and they are really cool. I took about 6 laps, which is more than I have even ridden in total.

What was very interesting in today's testing, was that only the front row was modified with the new seats (similar to the pic a few posts back). So you were able to ride in the second row for comparison -- and wow, what a difference.

Now, clearly it's no B&M, but for an SLC, it's as close as you are going to get. It's a decent ride now.

AJ is huge benefit is the "open feel" you now get while riding and now one can actually look at and have a conversation with the person sitting next to you. You don't feel like you are in a "box" anymore.

The harnesses do tighten a bit as you ride and coming into the trim, you are pretty much stapled into the seat. But the seat is more angled back and your center of gravity is lower, so they are WAY more comfortable than the old seats.

If you are looking for the smoothness of a B&M, you will be disappointed. If you looking for a decent ride, one that you would probably ride again, these new seats are the way to go. Hopefully the remainder of the testing goes well and the Morey's purchase the rest of the seats. I think it would be the first SLC in North America to receive the retrofit.

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