New S&S Thrust Air gets promo site in Japan

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The new Dodonpa coaster in Japan now has its own promotional Web site. The S&S Thrust Air launches to a speed of 107 mph before flying through a long turn and climbing up the vertical tower.

Visit Dodonpa (Japanese).

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Sweet video does the PKD version have glass tunnels like this one. Is this the fastest as mentioned in a article. The article I listed below also lists a SFMM ride as having the fastest ride before this one is that true?

Army Rangers lead the way

Hypersonic doesn't have the glass tunnels, actually I don't think Hypersonic has any tunels.  And yes SFMM did have the fastest ride with S:UE it went up to 100 mph.

Just wait till next year!

That is so awesome. I can't get enoug of those S&S trians. They are so wide open and the sleek design is amazing. They also do what I think is the best beast jobs on trains!
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for those who have been on Hypersonic...does it shoot you straight out of the station right up the hill? Seems from the video, Dodonpa shoots you through a tunnel first then finally up the hill. It also looks a bit like it's not gonna make it.......


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Finally, an undisputable fastest roller coaster in the world.  Eat that Magic Mountain!  No, just kidding.  These thrust air rides are absolutely insane, I can't wait to ride one!

"This feels like walking into pins and needles. Nice to Know You.

for those who have been on Hypersonic...does it shoot you straight out of the station right up the hill?

Yes, Hypersonic goes immediately from the launch up the vertical hill. Dodonpa launches to 107 MPH then DROPS down slightly (airtime!), enters a gigantic sweeping turn, then goes up the vertical hill :)

Wow, that beginning launch looks incredible!
oh my...I think I may be a bit frightened to get on this one


k..gotta get back to booking my trip to japan

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WOW! this looks like it has a more complex layout than XLC!     Hold on.....

"Yea thats right, 2 tickets to Japan ASAP!"

Ok im back



I was there a few months ago, and was kinda bummed to see it not open.  But, I hope to be back within a year or two thanks to my job.  Can't wait!!!
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At IAAPA, one of the S&S reps mentioned that the original launches of this new TA2000 were hitting 114MPH!!!

 Having seen the video that S&S was showing at their site, I don't doubt it. I can't imagine getting launched that fast, into a 50 foot drop!


Actually on XLC there is a litte curve out of the station where you get to the "launch point" where it weighs the train so it knows exactly how much air to shoot.  Also, XLC has no tunnels, it's almost too short to put any on anyway! lol ;)
Now that's FAST!

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Those S&S guys are amazing!  I can't wait to ride Stan's new monster.

Here is a little comparison of the two layouts:

PKD's version is a 90 degree turn to the left, the launch, big hill, and a quick U-turn.  No tunel, but lots of brakes at the end. (Start to stop is about 16 seconds!)--

Fuji's ride has a tunel, a much bigger turn, and the huge hill is not the begining of the ride, but near the middle. --

Lets hear it for the aviation industry for providing the tires!

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Is this one of 6 new insane S&S rides that are supposed to be build next season from the IAAPA coverage?
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No, Absolutely Insane is the model name for the VertiGo rides.

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I guess I should have said THREE tunels.  One over the launch area, one right before the tall hill, and one right after.

XLC was pretty loud when it lanched.  I wonder if Dodonpa is quieter thanks to the enclosure.

I absolutely love the way the trains are painted!

Joel Rogers

Man, I wish one of the Parks in the Midwest would build a S&S Coaster. But one thing can be said about Parks in the Midwest, we sure as hell have allot of Intamin coasters. Thanks CP for adding to the list!!! - smart remark -  *** This post was edited by cvp2000 on 12/4/2001. ***
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First time I saw Stan Checketts on a coaster show, I thought THAT was someone I'd like to work for...
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